‘I earn £40,000 through OnlyFans but trolls say my kids will be bullied’

‘I earn £40,000 through OnlyFans but trolls say my kids will be bullied’

OnlyFans star is marrying a subscriber she ‘met’ on the adult site

An OnlyFans star has hit back at trolls after they said her children will be bullied if their classmates find out about her occupation.

Morgan Moore is a 26-year-old mother of two from Yorkshire, England who creates adult content online in order to support her family.

She describes herself as “your favourite 5’1 mum” and has said she started her OnlyFans in 2019 “just for a bit of fun.”

The adult creator has since exploded in popularity with over 300,000 followers on her Instagram account @morganhollymoore.

Morgan receives lots of positive support online for deciding to pursue an OnlyFans career. However, she also receives hateful comments when people learn she is a mother.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Morgan said: “I get a lot of comments saying my kids are going to get bullied when they are older, I find it vile they wish a child to get bullied.”

“My kids won’t get bullied though as it’s 2023 and you can’t get away with bullying people. I also have a very tough family who would make sure nobody says anything bad to my children”

Morgan has said she never receives any abuse in the real world, and believes hateful users are only brave enough to send her abuse on the internet because they believe they “can say what they want without consequence.”

However, Morgan has also been able to get her own back of anybody who has anything horrible to say. She explained: “I’ve got numerous people in trouble with their work because I send the screenshots of abuse to their employer.”

Despite any backlash she may receive online Morgan has plenty of loved ones who have no issue with her doing OnlyFans.

She said that both her family and friends are “really supportive” and she even gives her friends advice on how they can earn “lots of money” through adult content.

Morganhe believes she managed to become popular as there is “no limit” to her content as long as it is within the website’s rules, and admits how popularity on the site has been “life-changing.”

In an interview with the Daily Star, she said: “I can live comfortably now compared to how I used to live. I would just like to live by my means because you don’t know how long this will last.”

For anyone who does not understand her life choices, Morgan said: “It is older people who don’t understand it and I used to get a lot of trolling but I don’t tend to read the comments now. For younger people being on OnlyFans is just normal.”

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