‘I bought 1st home at 23 and have nearly saved for 2nd – I want to retire young’

‘I bought 1st home at 23 and have nearly saved for 2nd – I want to retire young’

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A 23-year-old model revealed how she bought her first house – without even needing a mortgage.

Vanessa Christine saved up an impressive £7,000 a month after raking it in from photoshoots and social media.

She chose not to live the life of a “Rich Kid of Instagram” by splashing out on designer bags, shoes or jewellery.

The savvy influencer also swerved paying for first class flights or renting out swanky penthouses.

Instead, Vanessa banked enough to secure a plush two bedroom home in Kansas City, Missouri, in her early twenties.

The model, who is originally from Miami, Florida, is renting out the pad in the hope that it will help her to invest in more properties in the future.

She told Fabulous : "I started saving when I was 21.

"I gave my dad about 60% of each payment I received so I couldn't dip into those savings, as it’s always tempting when you have that money there…

"I think I’m very dedicated and I have a good head on my shoulders to save. I don’t buy designer bags or other stuff I don’t need.

"I was saving $5,000-$10,000 (around £3,800-£7,600) a month, sometimes it was a little less, sometimes a little more.

"Obviously Covid set things back but all my contracts are coming back now. I think I’ll be able to save for the second house in less than a year, my work's going great at the moment."

Vanessa’s life looked a lot different three years ago.

Before she joined Instagram, she worked in retail and didn’t have the same luxuries as she does today.

After a year working in a store, she quit to pursue a career as a full-time influencer.

Vanessa hasn’t looked back – and now runs her own business on social media.

She has collaborated with big brands like Lounge Underwear, Fashion Nova and Club London.

The savvy businesswoman is looking to expand her empire further in the future.

She has hired an assistant, agent and full-time photographer so she can keep growing her online following.

Vanessa’s long-term goal is to be able to save enough to retire at a young age.

After she’s earned security for her “future family”, she hopes to focus on what she enjoys doing.

The shrewd model added: "I just want to be able to travel freely, take pics freely. It’s about saving now so I can really enjoy my life in the future."

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