‘I am optimistic about our future’: Scott Morrison’s pitch to uncommitted voters

‘I am optimistic about our future’: Scott Morrison’s pitch to uncommitted voters

The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese for their pitches to the nation’s 4.6 million uncommitted voters. Here is Morrison’s:

Australia has been through tough times. There is more uncertainty in our world than at any time since World War II.

However, I am optimistic about our future because once again, Australians have demonstrated what we can overcome.

Despite challenges and setbacks, we’re in a strong position.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison campaigns in a camping store in West Gosford on Saturday Credit:James Brickwood

On almost any measure – fatality rates, vaccine rates, economic growth, jobs growth, or debt levels – Australia’s recovery is leading the world.

Just two years ago, Treasury predicted unemployment could rise to 15 per cent. A generation of young people were at risk of having their opportunity to get ahead in life stolen.

Today unemployment is just 4 per cent, the equal lowest level in nearly 50 years.

With more people in work and fewer in welfare, the recent budget showed the biggest financial turnaround in over 70 years.

Our budget is now $100 billion better off than forecast last year.

At this election, the most important issue is the economy, because a strong economy is the key to improving the lives of everyday Australians.

We cannot afford to take our strong position for granted.

Just in the past week, the International Monetary Fund said risks to the global economy had “worsened significantly” from the war in Ukraine. They also forecast global price rises of 7.4 per cent this year.

Australia is not immune from these pressures.

That’s why the steps we took in the recent budget to help people with cost-of-living pressures were so critical.

But we must prepare for these future challenges by implementing the next phase of our economic plan.

Our plan includes creating more jobs – a target of 1.3 million over five years – through backing small businesses and investing in manufacturing and skills.

Our plan delivers tax relief for workers and small businesses, to help you get ahead.

Our plan invests at record levels in health, education and other services we need and in better roads and cleaner energy, to build our future.

Our plan continues the biggest rebuilding of our defence and security since World War Two.

Australia’s economy has a lot of moving parts. Now is not the time to take a leap into the unknown.

This election is a choice between a strong economy or a weaker economy. A stronger future or an uncertain one.

With your support, we will keep working to ensure a strong economy and a stronger future.

Read Albanese’s pitch here.

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