I accidentally booked an entire hotel in Bali for my family holiday

I accidentally booked an entire hotel in Bali for my family holiday

I accidentally booked an entire hotel with staff and chefs in Bali for my family holiday – I thought it was an Airbnb

  • UK-based Jas bagged a cheap deal, but some think she stepped out of line 
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A woman bagged her family a piece of paradise after she accidentally booked an entire hotel.

Jasmine Gordon, 26, from Somerset, planned on booking a dream holiday for her family, especially her grandparents, who had always wanted to go to Bali.

Booking in advance, Jasmine originally thought she had booked an Airbnb that would fit seven members of her family. 

But she got a lot more than she bargained for when she discovered a week before departure that she’d booked an entire hotel for a steal.

She was told that what she thought was an Airbnb had recently been turned into a hotel, and after some negotiation with management, it was Jasmine and her family’s for the week.

Jas, from the UK, accidentally booked out a whole hotel for her family of seven for one week in Ubud, Bali 

The small hotel slept up to 20 people and was fit was a personal chef, bar, and restaurant for the family to enjoy 

Jasmine said: ‘They’ve got full-time staff, security, chefs, and a golf buggy to take you around.

‘It’s very big for an Airbnb but quite small for a hotel – each room has a lock on the door and its own coffee machine.

‘There’s only seven of us and the place itself sleeps 18.’

Jasmine, a social media marketing manager, admitted that the size of the hotel was a bit much when her family first arrived in paradise.

She said: ‘You haven’t got your own kitchen. There’s a restaurant there with a chef every day until 11 pm and you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

‘It’s a bit bizarre when it’s all just for me and my family.’

Despite the initial confusion with the booking, Jasmine described the mishap as a ‘dream come true’ for her family and ‘especially my grandparents.’

The young woman, who was treating her family to an all-expenses paid holiday, let her grandparents pick a villa on Air BnB.

She explained that even though they selected the most expensive option, she still decided to book it because: ‘whatever grandma wants, grandma gets’.

A week before the visit, Jas received a call from the manager explaining that the villa has transitioned into a hotel.

The manager queried how Jas managed to get the booking at such a low price, adding that they wouldn’t usually drop the price that low even during the less popular season.

Jas was informed that the whole villa had changed, including what’s included and the rooms.

The pair went back and forth with the manager seeming ‘frantic’, however Jas stayed persistent and demanded that the booking remained at the same price.

People on TikTok were quick to share their thoughts on the Jas’ bargain holiday, but for some it caused upset

TikTok users were equally surprised with how Jasmine bagged such a deal.

One wrote: ‘Their mistake is not cancelling your booking when they decide to change management and do major renovations. I think it’s a win for you!’

Another said: ‘If you need another family member, I am available for adoption.’

A fellow commenter added: ‘Indonesian here, please tip often and well! Being able to ‘accidentally’ book out the whole hotel highlights the income disparity’

A third added: ‘It’s their mistake but also you’re stopping other people from staying will and could have a huge impact on their tips/income.’

But another jumped to Jas’s defence, saying: ‘I don’t know why you guys are saying she’s wrong for this. She shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes. She booked the whole thing so she should get the whole’

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