Huda Kattan petition for brands to disclose editing images

Huda Kattan petition for brands to disclose editing images

Makeup entrepreneur Huda Kattan calls on brands to label edited Instagram snaps to fight unrealistic beauty standard – as she adds #NoPhotoshop to her latest posts

  • Huda Kattan, 37, who lives in Dubai, boasts over 4 million YouTube subscribers
  • Racked up almost 70,000 views on a video about ‘unrealistic’ beauty standards 
  • Founder of Huda Beauty admitted she’s worn make-up while feeling ‘ugly’
  • She has since set up a petition calling for the industry to disclose edited images 

Makeup guru Huda Kattan has called on beauty brands to disclose when social media snaps have been edited.    

The millionaire, 37, who lives in Dubai and is founder of her eponymous brand Huda Beauty, took to YouTube to reveal she is ‘angry’ by the number of beauty brands promoting their products with highly edited images. 

She has led the charge by launching a petition and by sharing unedited snaps with the hashtag #NoPhotoshop. 

Speaking to her over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Huda said: ‘Let’s remove the beauty standard and let’s remove all the b******, all the Photoshop, all the Face Tune, all the filters.

‘Let’s get back to the place where we all except each other and embrace each other.’

Huda Kattan, 37,  (pictured) who lives in Dubai, took to YouTube to gather signatures for a petition demanding that the beauty industry disclose when images are edited

Huda (pictured) wrote #nophotoshop #noediting in the caption of a photo showing her E Girl chic make-up look 

Since releasing the 8-minute clip, Huda has released a petition demanding that brands have to disclose when beauty images are edited.

She has racked up over 3,000 signatures, with many praising her for sparking the movement. 

Explaining the dangers of making edited snaps seem realistic, Huda said: ‘I think the beauty industry is amazing and it’s changed my life but there is some things that are still there and if we don’t change them soon, they’re going to get worst.

‘I’m not here to attack the entire beauty industry. There are so many people out there who are being so real, so honest and trying to make a difference and I applaud them so much.

‘But there are some ugly aspects of the industry where it has been used to capitalize. People have come into the beauty industry literally not caring at all about beauty, wanting to make money of the industry. 

She continued: ‘We need to democratize beauty. It’s not for any brand to own but for each person to feel.

Huda (pictured) recently shared an unedited snap on Instagram for a post sharing her fitness journey, racking up almost 70,000 likes 

Huda (pictured) was dubbed ‘stunning’ by her followers in another snap with no editing

‘When we were about to launch Wishful, I remember looking into everything in the skincare industry. I remember seeing some skincare brands just recently launched and I was really, really frustrated because I saw these ads. 

‘I too wanted beautiful skin. Just flawless, poreless, smooth skin that all the influencers and celebrities had and a few ads came out from some brands and I saw makeup in them.

‘I saw Photoshop in them. I got angry, really mad. I told my team I want to film the Wishful campaign without Photoshop and without makeup. I’m ready.

‘This is what we need to see. Why do we need to use these things if the products work and they do work.’ 

Fans praised Huda’s stance.  

One person wrote: ‘I’m only 15-years-old in England right now it’s a national lockdown, so I’ve been constantly scrolling and looking at all these pics of girls who are so beautiful and m confidence levels have dropped to an all time low. Hearing an influencer like Huda actually talk about these issues is so enlightening. I hope others do it too.’ 

Another said: ‘Thank you for this! Everyone needs to hear, that they are beautiful with or without makeup! Love yourself first, taking care of yourself on the inside first reflects on the outside. Putting makeup to enhance your natural beauty is the best feeling.’

Having racked up over 70,000 views, many people commented to praise Huda for speaking out and setting up the petition 

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