How to make the Gen Z look work for you when you're over 30

How to make the Gen Z look work for you when you're over 30

Yes, you CAN make Gen Z trends work if you’re over 30! Stylist reveals her fail-safe tips for mastering fashion’s trendiest looks – from wearing flared trousers with a cami to embracing clashing patterns

  • London stylist Miranda Holder, 42, gives tips to make Gen Z fashion work for you
  • She gives her tips to stay relevant while sticking to age appropriate pieces
  •  Also reveals how to elevate the 90s and noughties trends making a come back 

Staying relevant on the fashion front as you get older can be a challenge, especially as so much of what is on shop shelves are baggy jeans and crop tops. 

But there are ways to make Gen Z fashion trends work for you, no matter what your age, according to London-based celebrity stylist Miranda Holder.

Miranda, 42, who is the founder of the Feelgood Fashion Coach, explained how choosing a few key pieces from Gen Z trends – like flared trousers or oversized tailoring – is key to nailing the look.

Miranda explained you can absolutely take the current trends inspired by the 90s and noughties and ‘translate them into a more sophisticated, grown up look that reflects your own personal style’.

‘It’s just about making fashion work for you and fit in with your lifestyle rather than being a slave to it,’ she added. 


London-based stylist Miranda Holder gives her tips on how to make Gen Z fashion work for you. She suggested elevated the loose trousers trend by wearing heels and a tight top, as illustrated by Victoria Beckham, 48, in Paris in March 

‘Skinny jeans have been ousted and it’s all about adding a little volume below the hip, whether it’s in the form of a cargo, a trackpant, a flare or wide-leg denim,’ the stylist said.

Crop tops: Yes you can! 

Crop tops have also been a hit with younger fashion enthusiast, and Miranda said you can make the trend more age-appropriate with layers. 

‘A way to keep this look balanced is to remain fairly covered up on the bottom half, so think maxi skirts rather than micro shorts – too much flesh on display can cheapen the overall effect,’ she said. 

If you do not want to show any skin at all, you can use the crop top as an extra layer to bring colour or texture to a look.  

‘Don’t forget to layer. Layering up is always a fashionable move as it adds texture and interest to any look, a crop top could easily be layered over a sheer blouse or body for example,’ she said.  

But if you want to flash a little of skin, Miranda said you should go for it, never mind your age or frame., but there are ways to keep things fashionable. 

‘A more subtle way to tap into the crop top trend would be to team it with a high-waisted skirt or trouser, so we only get a flash of skin, or for a more polished appearance try layering a crop top underneath a suit,’ she said. 


She noted that the younger generation of fashionista love to add personality to their looks with pockets and rhinestones. 

‘A way to make this work for you is to firstly be aware of proportion; as a general fashion rule, if you’re wearing something looser on one half, it’s more flattering to wear something more fitted on the other,’ Miranda said. 

‘So with your loose leg trousers of choice, wear something close fitting – such as a bodysuit, or, if you’re feeling really nineties a handkerchief top, a fitted Tee or at the very least a slimline shirt tucked neatly into the waistband.’

One way to elevate the look is to wear the trousers with heels rather than flats, Miranda advised. 

‘Adding a heel to this look is also very flattering, in particular a heeled platform as it will add even more inches to your frame,’ she said.

‘We know from Fashion Royalty Victoria Beckham that every half an inch absolutely counts so stack those heels loud and proud and enjoy your outfit as it hangs even more alluringly.’

Flared trousers are also making a come back this year, which can be worn regardless of age of figure.  

‘They can work wonders for balancing out a fuller figure, in particular a larger bust with their ankle volume,’ Miranda said. 

‘For best effect, stack them with heels and keep the denim long enough to just graze the floor – it’s always worth tailoring your trousers to work with either flats or towering heels anyway.’

To remain stylish, the stylist recommends to keep the top of the outfit simple, so the trousers do most of the talking, pairing them with a t-shirt, turtleneck or a cami. 

‘If you want to throw yourself into the seventies vibe a bit deeper, go for a boho-inspired gingham bardot top or channel that inner cowgirl and embrace double denim,’ she added. 


Meghan Markle, 40, gave oversized tailoring a go for an appearance at the Invictus Games in the Hague on Saturday

Oversized tailoring is also a key look at the moment as Meghan Markle recently showed us in her breathtaking white Valentino double breasted suit at the Invictus Games.

The Duchess of Sussex opted for a white Valentino double-breasted suit for her outing, and kept the look demure. 

‘Following the simple rule outlined above, the most alluring combination would be to show a little flesh to counterbalance the volume and fluidity of that oversized jacket,’ Miranda said. 

You can do this by opting for a cropped trouser that will show off your ankles with a pair of strappy sandals.

‘Or even better get those legs out and team it with some tailored shorts,’ Miranda suggested. 


You can mix patterns in order to keep your look current like Martine McCutcheon, 45, here, as long as it’s true to your own style, Miranda said 

While cream, white and black and staples we’ve all come to trust and love, Gen Zs have not been afraid to embrace colour over the years.  

Miranda mused colour is a way ‘to reclaim our lives and express our newly found positivity and zest for the “new normal”.’  

And Gen Z have taken the trend further with logos, colours and clashing patterns. 

‘They’ve embraced a veritable riot of colour, logos and mismatching prints with seemingly no common theme holding the outfit together and topped off with a tie dye bucket hat. Where do we start with this,’ the stylist said. 


ITV’s sweetheart Holly Willoughby, 41, has embraced the pastoral trend with well tailored dresses  

Don’t be matchy-matchy 

In order to make this fearless approach to colour and fashion work for you, Miranda advised to just have fun and see what makes you happy. 

‘Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy look but many of us still get into a tizz at the thought of clashing colour or combining print,’ she said. 

Another very popular pattern is florals, and while it’s an old faithful, you can put a Gen Z spin on it. 

‘Flower prints used to feel frumpy or grannyish, but thanks to brands such as Rixo and Zimmerman, who have based their success on the evolution of the printed dress, florals are cool again,’ Miranda said.  

‘There’s nothing quite like a pretty pastel tone to show off that tan, and looser, diaphanous “buffet dresses” have gained more popularity in recent years as we indulge in a nostalgic sartorial nod to the seventies free-living culture in which these originated. 

‘Comfort and breathability is definitely the order of the day, but the wearer might find it a little more flattering to define their figure, either with the addition of a belt or jacket, or the clever positioning of a cross body.’

She suggested to embrace the Maximalist trend taking over social media and the younger generation of fashion bloggers. 


The baguette handbag from the 90s, pictured modelled by Bella Hadid, 24,is making a come back and you can get it in any colours you want 

The stylist explained that maximalism allows more freedom when it comes to fashion, and leaves a bit space for trends than ‘stuffier’ trends.  

Maximalism has become the order of the day and for many of us this is exactly the cue we need to shrug off our stuffier selves and have a little fun. 

‘The key is to start small with colourful accessories and build up, pushing your boundaries a little more each time,’ she said. 

For instance, Miranda noted that the 90s classic baguette handbag as been making a come back on the runways and the high street. 

‘And it’s easy enough to find an option that works with your existing wardrobe,’ she added. 

She also said that pearls have ‘evolved from prissy to edgy again and go with everything,’ and are a good piece to add to an outfit to make it trendier. 


If you like it, wear it! Miranda said that Gen Z dressers like Anya-Taylor Joy, 26, pictured, have embraced their love of accessories, even if they are quirky 

The young set of fashionistas like Dua Lipa, 26, have embraced the low-rise, large trouser. The singer smarted it up with heels and a form-fitting top 

The stylist explains that Gen Z has a more fun approach to fashion, and is more about wearing things that make you happy rather than sticking to appropriate styles and garments.  

‘Adopt the Zoomer’s style philosophy of “if it feels good, wear it” and let’s all get a little more relaxed and a whole lot less judgy on what is and isn’t appropriate,’ she explained. 

And if you think an accessories is one step too far for you, Miranda simply advised that if you think it’s cute, you should simply wear it rather than censoring yourself.  

‘The bottom line is to embrace the elements of these trends that work for you, and some are definitely easier to work into your existing wardrobe than others,’ Miranda said. 

She added that a secret way to achieve the Gen Z aesthetic while remaining age-appropriate is to experience with layering.  

‘Layering up fine kits or cropped cardigans over a shirt or Tee is an easy enough look to achieve for most of us and can easily be interpreted to suit your aesthetic as long as you stay true to your favourite styles,’ she said. 

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