How to get cheap train tickets | The Sun

How to get cheap train tickets | The Sun

AS the cost of living continues to climb, it's always helpful to know how to get cheap rail tickets.

Don't worry – there's a few simple tricks you can try out which might save you in the long run.

Inflation is pushing up the cost of everything, so there's never been a better time to know how to save.

And that includes your train tickets – you might just be spending more than you need to.

We've rounded up some of the ways you can save money on your rail fare as prices continue to rise.

How can I reduce my train ticket prices?

National Rail offers a third off train fares that are standard anytime, off-peak, advance and first class advance for those aged 16 to 25.

You can buy the railcard annually for £30 or as a three-year card for £70, but if you regularly travel by train, you'll make up this cost in no time.

If you regularly travel with a child aged five to 15 it could be worth looking into the Family & Friends Railcard, which gives you a third off most adult fares and 60 per cent off kids' tickets. It can be used by up to four adults and four children.

There's also the Two Together card, which costs £30 for the year, and offers a third off any standard and first class anytime, off-peak and advance fares if two named adults are travelling together.

What days are train tickets the cheapest?

If you're a regular commuter, it may be worth looking into an annual season ticket.

National Rail says if you're making the same journey for three or more days a week within a week, then a seven-day season ticket is likely to save you money.

You can use National Rail's free online calculator to help you work out the cost.

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets in advance or last minute?

Network Rail releases its timetable 12 weeks in advance, so ticket firms usually make their fares available at this time.

The earlier you book, the less you'll pay for your seat so don't hang about if you know you're going to be travelling over the next few months.

You can use National Rail's future travel chart, which shoes the furthest advance date that you can buy tickets, as well as the Trainline's ticket alert system, which notifies you when advance tickets go on sale for your journey.

National Rail's website also has a cheapest fare finder which gives you the lowest possible fare across all train operators.

There's also websites such as RedSpottedHanky, Trainline and Megatrain but these all charge a booking fee.

Is Trainline cheaper than National Rail?

Well, that depends – when you buy a Network Rail annual season ticket, you could also qualify for a gold card if you've bought it in the south of England.

The gold card offers a range of discounts including a third off off-peak travel.

While you'll have to spend a large amount upfront, there are ways you can spread the cost.

For example you could join a commuter scheme such as CommuterClub.

Instead of paying the fare in one go, you pay the company in instalments over the course of a year with the idea being that an annual season pass is cheaper than a daily or monthly one.

But keep in mind that these companies will charge you interest – so you'll end up paying more than if you buy the annual season ticket upfront. CommuterClub, for example, charges 10.6 per cent.

Do Oyster cards make trains cheaper in London?

Train companies may offer special deals if you have an Oyster Card, but that depends on your journey. It's worth downloading the app for free if you haven't already to check what might on offer.

You can also use websites such as Trainsplit and Ticketclever to check how much journeys could cost.



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Ticket prices in England and Wales currently rise in line with the retail prices index (RPI) measure of inflation but the Government wants to tweak the rules so they rise at the lower CPI rate.

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