How many Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family questions can YOU answer

How many Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family questions can YOU answer

Matthew Wright’s brood are crowned Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family champions in the final with 220 points – but how many questions could YOU get right?

  • Matthew Wright and family crowned the champions of ITV quiz show tonight 
  • Won Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family 180 – 220 against Joe Pasquale’s brood
  • How many questions do you think YOU would have answered correctly?

Matthew Wright and his family have been crowned the champions of ITV’s latest celebrity quiz show after last night’s finale. 

The TV personality, 55, appeared with his wife Amelia and godson Elliot on Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family where he went up against Joe Pasquale, his son-in-law Shaun and son Joe. 

After a nail-biting final, hosted by Chase star Anne Hegerty, the Wright family were declared the winners with an impressive score of 220, beating the opposing team by 40 points. 

The presenter donated his £25,000 prize money to mental health charity SANE.  

His team had an impressive lead all the way through the show, but do you think you could do any better? 

Contestants have to answer questions which are accompanied by a visual clue – for instance, naming the spice that’s not pictured, or identifying what sport is being played.

Scroll down to see how many questions you would have answered correctly.  

Matthew Wright and family crowned the champions of ITV quiz show Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family this evening 

Quick fire round 

1) Which sport is being played in the picture? 

2) Which spice is not pictured? 

3) In 2009 the person whose name is represented by these images began co-hosting which TV show? 

4) This oscar statuette and selected nominations belong to which actor? 

5) Which of these is not the name of a musical instrument?  

6) How much would half a kilo of pomadori cost at this Italian market?

7) What did I do on Bastille day? 

8) Which historical figure might have written this social media post 

9) How many miles between Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth? 

10) Which of these is the cat amongst the pigeons?  

Play or pass round

11) Which actor is missing from people who have played the lead role in Dr Who?

12) Which film is missing from this list of the first six Pixar feature films? 

13) Which of these capitol cities is the title of a UK number one single featuring Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug?

14) This Olympic gold medal winning routine was performed to a piece of music with which title?

15) This is an anagram of the name of which gothic novelist?

16) Which number is missing from this alphabetical list of prime numbers from 2-13?

Down the line round

17) This band takes it’s name from a character from which of these film series? 

18) What is the instruction being given by this road sign? 

19) These footballers won the men’s FIFA World Cup in which year? 

20) The word ‘muscle’ is derived from a Latin term meaning what? 

21) The artist J.M.W Turner features on which Bank of England note that entered circulation in February 2020?

22) Using the key, which colour chart represents the correct spelling of Montana? 

23) In the musical advertised on this theatre front, what does the lead character sell for a living? 

24) Parmesan cheese is made with the milk of which animal? 

25) Which letter indicates the location of the children’s drama in which Ant and Dec played Pj and Duncan? 

26) Which of these is the correct colour scheme for the national flag of Russia? 

27) Which of these is an anagram of the highlighted bone? 

28) Parasite, the Best Picture Oscar winner in 2020, is a film from which country?  

Final round 

29) Hidden in these letter wheels is the title of which James Bond film?  

30) What is the third letter of this Olympians first name? 

31) The common name of one of these begins with a continent but ends with a vowel? 

32) In which decade did this singer have their first number one single? 

33) Which of these snooker players shares their initials with the artist who painted the 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory? 

34) These songs feature on which movie soundtrack? 

35) Which of these books was written by a male author? 

36) What word is missing from these music titles? 

37) Which object appears in both images? 

38) Which herb is spelt out by the first letter of the names of these four countries? 


1) Curling

2) Cloves

3) This Morning

4) Morgan Freeman

5) Francophone

6) Two euros

7) Memorise Eurovision winners

8) Julius Caesar

9) 340 

10) Russian Blue

Play or pass round 

11) Matt Smith

12) Finding Nemo

13) Havana

14) Bolero

15) Mary Shelley

16) 5

Down the line

17) Back to the future 

18) No motor vehicles

19) 2006

20) Little mouse

21) £20

22) B

23) Flowers

24) Cow

25) C (Byker, Newcastle) 

26) B

27) D

28) South Korea

Final round

29) Tomorrow never dies?

30) B 

31) Cabbage

32) 2000s

33) Steve Davis

34) Four Weddings and a Funeral

35) Matilda? 

36) Rock

37) Camera

38) Mint

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