How hot weather helps determine which songs top the charts | The Sun

How hot weather helps determine which songs top the charts | The Sun

YOU can’t beat dance music in the summer — because hot weather makes us happy and energetic.

Researchers found that loud, high-tempo tunes boost our heady vibes.

But the same ditties become a bit of a damp squib on dreary days.

Music buff Dr Manuel Anglada-Tort, who headed an Oxford University study of UK singles charts from 1953 to 2019, put the difference down to “mood regulation”.

He said: “Warm and sunny weather induces positive emotional states in listeners, which influence them to listen to energetic and positive music.

“A song’s fit with the weather may be a factor pushing it to the top of the charts.”

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The study, in journal Royal Society Open Science, analysed more than 20,000 songs and compared chart positions with Met Office records.

“Hyper-popular” danceable songs saw a huge lift in plays and sales in good weather.

Sadder and slower ones showed steadier popularity year-round.

Dr Anglada-Tort said it could be a UK phenomenon, with sun-starved Brits more excited by heatwaves than those used to warmer climes.

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He added that in dry climates “high temperatures and sunshine may not be perceived positively”.

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