How Did Chris Pratt Win Over Arnold Schwarzenegger?

How Did Chris Pratt Win Over Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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The crossover relationships among celebrity culture never fail to surprise. A few years ago, nobody would have equated Chris Pratt having any connection to the Schwarzeneggers. A potential of Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly being Pratt’s father-in-law would have seemed even stranger.

All told, nobody predicted Pratt linking up romantically and becoming engaged to Arnold’s daughter, Katherine.

Reports were that Arnold didn’t like the idea at first. Pratt did some things to win over Schwarzenegger, though. It was more than just giving a stale sales pitch on being fully committed to this slightly controversial relationship.

Chris Pratt raised eyebrows after divorcing Anna Faris

After what seemed like a storybook marriage in Hollywood, Pratt and Faris are now a year and a half removed from their August 2017 divorce. With eight years of marriage, it was still considered a good run for a Hollywood couple.

In the realm of PR, though, it’s not always a good career move to start another relationship so suddenly after a divorce. Chris Pratt had to take some criticism from the public when he started dating not long after he split with Faris.

It also doesn’t help in the age of Twitter to announce those relationships to the world. Pratt is very active on Twitter where he recently exclaimed his excitement in Katherine Schwarzenegger saying “yes” to his marriage proposal.

The initial opposition to Pratt’s relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Outside of the 10-year age difference (Pratt is 39 and Katherine is 29), there was plenty of criticism about this new coupling from outsiders. However, if you think Anna Faris was miffed, think again.

Recent reports say Pratt called her first when preparing to propose to Schwarzenegger. Faris was very supportive about all of it, including reminding the press that she can legally officiate weddings.

It’s a good feeling to know there wasn’t any bitterness in the Pratt-Faris divorce. Considering we have to report on dozens of acrimonious Hollywood splits, it says a lot about the character of Pratt and Faris to maintain good relations for the sake of their son, Jack.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t thrilled about Pratt at first

Once Arnold Schwarzenegger showed some initial concern with the news of Pratt dating his daughter, Pratt knew he had to prove his worth. The disdain from Arnold was Pratt being an actor and knowing what they’re usually like.

Little did Arnold know Chris Pratt isn’t like the typical actor. He has a strong religious foundation and cherishes family values. The first thing that likely impressed Father Schwarzenegger was the sight last summer of Pratt and Katherine going to church together with Pratt’s six-year-old son.

Pratt took some other proactive steps to prove he wasn’t going to end up being a repeat of how Arnold Schwarzenegger fared during his myriad relationships and affairs.

Pratt already knew Maria Shriver

Another advantage likely gaining favor with Arnold was Pratt already knew Maria Shriver, Katherine’s mother. Since Arnold and Maria Shriver still have an amicable relationship, this no doubt made a good impression when the latter quickly welcomed Pratt into the family.

Then Pratt asked the request of marriage directly to Shriver and Arnold. While other actors would likely feel scared to death asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to marry his daughter, Pratt’s politeness and easy acclimation into the family was a major win for both sides.

As you can see from the above tweet from Arnold, he also gave his blessing to the marriage on social media for all to see.

Will this be Hollywood’s dream marriage?

After decades of notorious divorces in Hollywood, we’re maybe looking at a blissful one with Pratt and Schwarzenegger. Will their marriage last? Based on Pratt’s foresight in gaining good relationships with the family and the strong spiritual foundation of each, it has a better chance.

Also, when you need advice on something (or protection), who better to go through than your father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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