Hot weather mistake anyone could make that could leave you THOUSANDS out of pocket | The Sun

Hot weather mistake anyone could make that could leave you THOUSANDS out of pocket | The Sun

EXPERTS have warned of a hot weather mistake that could end up costing you thousands.

When the weather heats up Brits will try anything to keep cool but there is one habit that could leave you hugely out of pocket.

As tempting as it might be to leave doors and windows open during the hot weather security experts at Rated People are advising against it.

Nat White, head of brand communications at Rated People said: "Many people open their windows and doors to cool their homes down when it’s hot.

"Not only will this leave homes vulnerable to opportunistic thieves, but if you are unlucky enough to experience a burglary, your insurance company may refuse to pay out."

In 2022 there were over 191,000 recorded residential burglaries and homes across the country could be even more vulnerable to theft if intruders can find a way into the property without forcing entry.

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Nat added: "When it comes to home insurance policies covering break-ins, some homeowners might find themselves in a position where they’re unable to claim back the cost of their stolen goods if the insurance company finds there were no signs of forced entry.

"This could potentially leave homeowners thousands of pounds out of pocket and it could be very distressing."

She advises homeowners to do a "proper check" of their homes to make sure all doors and windows are secure.

Even if you are just popping to the shops or taking the dog around the block Nat says it is best to make sure your home is fully secure.

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Top Tips on keeping your house secure

Don't leave patio or back doors wide open when working from home

If you work upstairs or find yourself stuck on a long meeting in another room, you might not be able to hear if someone were to enter your property through patio doors.

65% of burglaries take place during the day, so it’s best to close all windows and doors when you leave a room to keep your home secure.

When you leave your property, shut and local all windows and lock all doors

Even if you’re just popping to the shops or taking your dog for a quick walk around the block.

Thieves don’t need long to raid your home – especially if they have an easy entry point such as a ground-floor window or unlocked door.

Before you head out, do a quick check around the home.  

Install a security camera

Gone are the days when you have to install large bulky security cameras.

These days cameras come in all shapes and sizes and you can even get cameras that stream straight to your phone so you can check up on your property no matter where you are.

Some systems will also come with alert functions, where you’re notified if there’s a movement within certain areas of your home.   

Brits are set for a heatwave as early as tomorrow with some areas of the country reaching as high as 30C.

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