Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 26

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 26

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A youngster in the family could do with more attention when it won’t be hard to see that they aren’t their usual self. There will be no shortage of ideas on how to make them smile again. New work opportunities will have the positive effect of spurring you on to greater efforts in your daily affairs.


Activities that help you relax, whether it is music, painting or walking in nature, are what you should be aiming for now. Working on a creative project is also a good way to channel any restless energy. Write it all down if there is anything you are confused or uncertain about and this will help clear your mind.


The need to be so socially active is starting to wane and going to the other extreme, you’re likely to feel an increasing desire to spend time with your family within your own four walls. So don’t be too quick to fill any empty pages in your diary.


You have enough on your plate without getting drawn into a friend or neighbour’s problems. Whatever the nature, for the sake of your own health, refuse to get involved, or you could find yourself in some way being influenced by their dark moods.


A mood of speculation surrounds you and you could easily get swept away by a feeling that you can’t lose. A more cautious approach would be better and could save you from taking too big a risk. Someone you hardly know is taking more interest in your personal finances than you feel comfortable with.


Take this opportunity to take a clear and objective look into future long-term plans especially those involving the family. If you are considering any new ventures, it will be important to explain the details to a less than practical member of our family.


You are about to see some significant improvements in your family life. Even though you might not feel ready for it, accept the changes now slowly being introduced into this area as they will benefit all who are concerned. Someone is preparing for guests or planning a party.


Financial and property matters take priority as you become more involved in either business transactions, money agreements or just organising your personal finances. Most dealings with banks and other financial institutions will go more successfully than you had been anticipating. This will come as a great relief.


Whatever the area, if you want to make some headway, stick to your own devices. Also, you should try to show patience with a workmate or neighbour who can’t seem to get their act together. They may have a health problem they haven’t yet told anyone about. A little understanding will go a long way.


Encouraging news about a joint endeavour recently undertaken will give you both a lot to be proud of and to look forward to. Activities within the family should bring a warm sense of togetherness. A conversation begun earlier in the week was disrupted and someone is ready now to tell you a little bit more.


A partner or close friend has decided to make some significant changes. You will have had nothing to do with this decision and it will take you by surprise. Although it has come from out of the blue, once you’ve had a chance to digest it all, you will agree that this is probably for the best.


Some links of the past are broken. You may not feel happy about this and there may be some confusion as you wonder why things have turned out this way. Even so, you will accept a friend or loved one’s wishes to strike out in new directions.

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