Home on sale for £250k but everyone’s talking about the same bizarre thing

Home on sale for £250k but everyone’s talking about the same bizarre thing

A STUNNING home on the market for just £250k has baffled house hunters because of one bizarre detail.

The home in Front Royal, Virginia has confused would be buyers on Reddit over the same thing.

The unique open plan property boasts three bedrooms and its own skyline balcony that overlooks the beautiful nearby mountain ranges.

Located just half a mile from the picturesque views of Shenandoah River, it was described by estate agent’s Redfin as a "terrific vacation or permanent home."

However, the listing failed to acknowledge something even more peculiar about the external realities of the home – as pictures revealed that it looked like it had been chopped in half.

It came as users on Reddit agreed that the grand design was far from perfect – describing it as "sketchy."

One posed: “Is this just the front half of a house?

“It does look like half a house. It kind of tripped me out because the roof line slants down in the front but also slants down in the back.

“The back side has gutters and down spouts, but the front only has a gutter over the front door. Maybe it's just me, but that roof job looks kind of sketchy.”

A second added: “That just makes me dizzy.”

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While a third quipped: “I felt like it’s going to waddle away.”

Amid it’s strange exertion, the home’s stylish design still continues to draw keen interest with 4,552 online views to date.

Many of those will be hoping to incur better luck than one heartbroken house hunter who handed over £400,000 for only half of his detached home.

At the time, Dad of two, Bishnu Aryal, told A Current Affair he had handed over the cash after agreeing on a design for a single-family home in the pleasant suburban area of the city.

It was supposed to take one year but took three, he said.

But when he went to see it when it was nearly finished he was shocked to find one half of a semi-detached home, also called a semi-duplex, standing alone on the plot of land he bought.

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