Holby City story producer teases what’s ahead in show’s finale

Holby City story producer teases what’s ahead in show’s finale

Emotional after tonight’s Holby City? Just you wait until next week.

Tonight, Jac (Rosie Marcel) went under the knife again as Elliot (Paul Bradley) and Max (Jo Martin) attempted to remove her brain tumour.

As if that wasn’t tense enough, Jac also made Elliot promise that if something went wrong during the operation, he would leave her to die on the table.

Elliot – of course – couldn’t keep his promise, but he and Max didn’t manage to save Jac’s life as her tumour was bigger than initially thought.

This now leaves us with two questions.

Will Jac die next week?

Or will Elliot find another miracle cure?

We can’t give away a lot when it comes to Holby City’s last episode but luckily, Metro.co.uk recently spoke to Holby’s story producer, Ben Wadey.

Here, Ben tells us what to expect when we sit down to watch Holby City for the final time next week.

‘In the episode we really wanted to tie off a lot of stories that have been building for a long while. It’s a really satisfying conclusion to a lot of those stories where, in some instances we get very definitive answers but also, it’s the beginning of a new chapter for different characters, we see where they’re going to go.

‘Ultimately, the final episode is for the fans and for people who have been watching Holby for many years.

‘They should find real joy and heartbreak in the episode.’

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