Hannah Murray Admits That 'Game of Thrones' Strategy to Hide in the Winterfell Crypts Was "Bad Planning"

Hannah Murray Admits That 'Game of Thrones' Strategy to Hide in the Winterfell Crypts Was "Bad Planning"

Major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! Run to your nearest TV/laptop/phone so you can stop avoiding all social media!

What’s better than watching Game of Thrones on a Sunday night and talking about it every single waking moment until the next week? Little else, TBH, because I have a problem! Buthearing what the actors in the show actually thought about the craziest scenes is a very close second! This time, Hannah Murray, who plays Gilly, is ready to offer her thoughts on the Battle of Winterfell and who she wants to end up on the throne.

While walking the red carpet at the premiere of her new Charles Manson movie, Charlie Says, Hannah shared exactly what she thought about the moment when the Night King lifted his arms and brought everyone in the crypts back from the dead, despite everyone and their mother saying it was the safest place in town. If you missed it, the scene basically looked like this one from A Bug’s Life, which is really effing terrifying:

the winterfell crypts #BattleOfWinterfell pic.twitter.com/oZIN5HvVRb

Hannah’s main takeaway from that scene was 100 percent the same as yours. She told Cosmopolitan that since she doesn’t write the show, she doesn’t totally know why they’d make characters like Gilly, Sansa Stark, and Tyrion Lannister hide in a place full of dead people. Though, she admitted the crypt crew def shouldn’t have been down there. She said, “I think it was bad planning. I can’t deny that.”

She also said that at the end of the show, she hopes to see Gilly on the throne, which isn’t such a far fetched idea considering Gilly made one of the most important discoveries in the show: Jon Snow is a Targaryen!!

As she bids Gilly adieu sometime this final season, one of Hannah’s first post-Thrones role will be playing one of Charles Manson’s murderous followers, Leslie Van Houten. Hannah really shifted gears and got into her new character by embracing her body hair, saying, “A big, important part of my preparation was growing out my body hair, as we all did.” She added, “It was just really liberating. We’re doing this for such a wonderful reason—I’m really proud to be telling this story and doing it properly. So if anyone was like, ‘Why haven’t you shaved your armpits?’ I’d be like, ‘Because I’m doing this really awesome movie about women and made by women.'”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, put Gilly/Hannah on the throne you cowards!

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