Hairdresser reveals why taking photos to the hair salon is a bad idea

Hairdresser reveals why taking photos to the hair salon is a bad idea

‘Your hairdresser isn’t a magician’: Hairstylist reveals why bringing photos of a celebrity to your appointment is a bad idea

  • A stylist reveals why taking celebrity photos to a hair appointment is a bad idea 
  • The Australian hairdresser says images can work, but these are only a guide
  •  He says it helps to have some snaps on hand to give your stylist a general idea 
  • However, he cautions walking into a salon laden with more than eight photos 

An Australian celebrity hairstylist has revealed why it doesn’t always pay to take photos of your favourite star to your hairdressing appointment.

Sydney-based hairdresser Anthony Nader of RAW Hair has worked with the likes of Cate Blanchett and Abbey Lee Kershaw so knows the power of a great cut.

He said while photos can help guide a stylist, there’s no guarantee the result will be the same as the image you’ve presented. 

‘I’ve lost count in my 30-year career how many women have sat in my chair and pulled out a picture of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cardi B or Zoe Kravitz and stared me in the eyes point blank and said “I want this”,’ he told Whimn.

While it is tempting to head to your hairdresser armed with photos of your favourite celebrity, remember chances are their look has taken hours and hours to achieve

Anthony Nader (pictured)

Anthony, who owns one of the trendiest hair salons in Sydney, said his job as a hairdresser is to know how a celebrity has achieved a certain look. 

He said clients will often show him a photo of a star who has stepped out on the red carpet with a hairstyle that’s not only taken hours of blow-drying to achieve but may also be a combination of extensions or hairpieces. 

He’s not entirely against the notion of arriving at a salon appointment with some photos in hand, more he said this should be used as a guide for your stylist. 

His recommendation is to choose eight photos you feel show the haircut at its best and during the consultation, explain aspects you love about it, and those you find less appealing.

This way, when your stylist is working with your hair they have a much closer idea about what it is you are hoping to achieve.

Anthony said a hairstylist will aim to give you the best version of what you have asked for, as well as considering a range of factors. 

‘Just remember though, that your hairdresser isn’t a magician and can’t perform tricks.’

What are Anthony Nader’s top tips for keeping your hair in great shape? 

1. Avoid overwashing: According to Anthony, hair should only be washed once or twice a week. He said not only does washing reduce the brightness of any colour you have, but it also activates the sebaceous glands and tells them to produce more oil while the natural oils are stripped.

2. Don’t ‘rub’ your hair dry: Rubbing your hair dry with a towel can cause it to break and if it is coloured, can lead to frizziness. Anthony advised using a towel to ‘blot’ hair and said this technique soaks water faster.

3. Avoid using too much heat: If your styling tools have adjustable settings, start with a temperature of 150 degrees, and only increase by increments of 10, if your hair needs it.

4. Combing the hair from the top down: When combing damp strands, grab a wide-tooth comb and start from the nape area (ends first), working your way up to the roots.

5. Using to much bleach: Ask your hair colourist’s advice with when bleaching too see if you can only have this applied every second or third salon visit. He said hair can only take so much of being coloured this way – and overbleaching will cause your locks to snap. 

Source: Anthony Nadar for Femail

A good stylist will take what you want into account as well as how this look suits your face and your lifestyle

These include whether the style length will suit your face shape, whether you require colour and how long you may really have to spend styling your hair each day.

The stylist said another thing to consider when asking for celebrity look is how often you may need to visit the salon for a trim or regular touch-ups.

‘To maintain a strong haircut shape, you need to get to the salon every four to six weeks. If you have your hair coloured, you’ll also need to maintain your colour by investing in salon prescribed products to keep it looking red carpet ready,’ he said.

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