Grieving Sarah Hyland takes a break from Twitter after ‘negative, ignorant words’

Grieving Sarah Hyland takes a break from Twitter after ‘negative, ignorant words’

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland is taking a break from Twitter after receiving hurtful comments about the death of her cousin.

“You guys finally did it. Your horrible negative ignorant words have broken me. Happy? Staying offline for a while. I have a special announcement and video releasing on Wednesday I believe. So. There’s that,” the 28-year-old actress tweeted Tuesday.

Hyland posted over the weekend that her cousin Trevor Canaday had been killed in a car accident that involved a drunk driver.

While some sent Hyland messages like, “I’ll never forget the laughs he spread across the choir. The smiles he left people with. I feel your pain even if it isn’t as great. I’ll never forget Trevor,” apparently others were not so kind.

Some social media commenters called out the fact that Hyland promoted a GoFundMe page to help with Canaday’s funeral expenses.

A post shared by Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland) on Nov 3, 2018 at 9:08am PDT

“I’m sad you are in pain and people are being unkind. You deserve better treatment,” one person responded after Hyland was attacked.

Before announcing her break from Twitter, Hyland tried to ask people to only share condolences for the innocent life that was lost.

“I’d like to ask those who have negative thoughts or opinions about the tragedy that happened to my family, to keep them to themselves,” she wrote Monday. “You don’t know all the details. And how dare you attack when a beautiful life has been lost.”

After her last tweet, those supporting the actress told her to take a break and “come back when you’re ready. Your true fans will miss you.”

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