Grandmother who married her toy boy says she has not heard from family

Grandmother who married her toy boy says she has not heard from family

British grandmother, 81, who married Egyptian toy boy 46 years her junior admits her family has been giving her ‘the silent treatment’ after she married him in Egypt and celebrated in KFC

  • Iris Jones, 80, from Weston-super-Mare, met Mohamed, 35 on Facebook group
  • The couple fell head over heels for one another and have now officially married 
  • The octogenarian said her family had not contacted her after her wedding
  •  Iris appeared on This Morning in January and shocked viewers with sex stories



A British grandmother that shocked This Morning viewers when she shared graphic detail of her sexual antics with her Egyptian boyfriend 46 year her junior, has admitted her family has been giving her the ‘silence treatment’ after  they got wed. 

Irish Jones, 81, tied the knot with her husband Mohamed, 35, and talked about the reception with hosts Philip Scholfield and Holly Willoughby with her beau from Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. 

She said her family haS not contacted her since she and Mohamed tied the knot earlier this week, and that she would try to get in touch with them before returning to the UK on 11th December. 

Talking about the wedding, Iris said the couple had celebrated their union at the local KFC, and sent a call for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to let Mohamed come to the UK, where he would be an ‘asset’ to the economy. 

British grandmother Iris Jones, 81, said on This Morning she celebrated her wedding to Egyptian husband Mohamed, 35, at the local KFC and added her family had been giving her the silence treatment 

Viewers were curious to hear about Iris’s famiy’s side of the story, with some saying they should not shun her but help her 

Iris opened up about the lack of reaction from her family following her wedding announcement. 

‘I’m getting the silent treatment, I haven’t heard anything yet, I’ll get in touch with them when I’m about to return to England on 11 December because I need to know how they feel about Mohamed,’ she said. 

‘He is wonderful, but the fact that their father is younger than their sons is maybe a point of contention. 

‘But it makes no difference. I’m older than his mother and father, my mother-in-law and father-in-law are younger than me,’ Iris said.  

The couple, who shocked Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby earlier this year with their sex romps, got married in Egypt earlier this month 

‘It makes no difference, we love each other and that’s all that matters,’ she concluded. 

The couple recounted how they tied the knot and celebrated during their segment.  

‘It was third time lucky for us,’ the 81-year-old newlywed said. 

The couple did not go through a traditional wedding, but signed paper written in Arabic to make things official.  

‘It was an exchange of documents. We had to sign several documents for the signature,’ she said. 

‘After that, the document was handed to us, one for Mohamed and one for me, all in Arabic, I don’t know what it says at all,’ she said. 

‘It might say that i’m completely under his thumb, but if that’s the case, I’m not,’ she added. 

The couple then revealed they had not celebrated their union with a reception, but rather had gone to their local KFC, because they enjoyed the food and Iris had a Coca Cola.

Iris was a bit more tongue-tied about their bedroom antics.  

‘How was the wedding night, dare I ask,’ Holly said.  

‘Just the same as the first night, just it wasn’t so difficult this time,’ Iris said. 

Viewers said they had a good idea on how Iris’ family were feeling, and others said they would have kept Iris from travelling to Egypt in the first place. Others saw the silver lining

Meanwhile, Mohamed shared how he felt about his union with Iris. 

‘My feel is very good, we have in the past difficulties,’ he said. 

He added he was worried for Iris due to the coranavirus pandemic, but that it did not matter to him whether the couple stayed in Egypt or went to the UK. 

He said Egypt was a great country and that ‘Egyptian men are good men who take care of their wives.’

Iris, who said Mohamed was very ‘helpful’ around the house, put out a call for Boris Johnson in case he was ‘watching.’  

‘We desperately need to get Mohamed to the UK, and so if Boris Johnson is listening, do your best and get the whip out and get Mohamed a Visa for the UK. 

‘He would be an asset for the country, he’s a qualified engineer, and he would be good for the economy,’ she added, saying she would ‘make sure’ Mohamed would not be out of work.  

‘That’s all we want, he’s very good around the house because I’m training him well,’ she joked.  

Viewers were left wondering whether This Morning could get Iris’ family on the show, to get their side of the story. 

‘Any possibility they could interview a member of Iris’s family,’ one asked.  

‘Iris, I can tell you exactly what your family are thinking,’ wrote another. 

Iris Jones, 80, from Somerset, who left This Morning viewers shocked by sharing graphic details of her sex life with her Egyptian toyboy has married her lover, Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, 35,

‘If Iris was my mum I’d have shredded her passport. Niobe wonder her family are giving her the silent treatment. She’s deluded and #ThisMorning encouraging every 2 minutes aren’t helping,’ another said. 

‘Well at least someone’s getting a good s******* lately!! I know I’m not,’ said another.

The couple made hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield blush earlier this year after admitting that their first night of passion, which included an ‘entire tube of KY jelly’, left Iris ‘saddle sore’.

Iris first struck up a conversation with Cairo native Mohamed, last summer on a Facebook group exploring atheism.

He initially declared love for her through social media and then said his feelings were confirmed when he saw Iris for the first time at Cairo airport last November.

Mohamed swept British gran Iris  off her feet when they met on Facebook last year and she flew to Egypt to be with him

Speaking to MailOnline earlier this year, he recalled: ‘I was very nervous but the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that it was true love. I’m a very lucky man to have found a woman like this.’

Mohamed worked as welding inspector but gave up his job to spend time with Iris when she came to Cairo.

He lives in a three-room house with his parents plus two sisters and a brother who are all younger than him, but vehemently denied he was with Iris for her money or a passport to Britain.

Iris, a former cleaner, lives in a £220,000 bungalow and gets by on a £200-a-week pension and disability benefit.

During her appearance, she made viewers blush after admitting that their first night of passion, which included an ‘entire tube of KY jelly’ left Iris ‘saddle sore’

Mohamed said: ‘I don’t care where we live or how rich or poor she is, I just want to be with Iris.

‘At the end of the day, which country she wants to make her home is her choice; it can be either Britain or Egypt.

‘People think I am with her for all the wrong reasons. I know Britain is a beautiful country and a lot of people want to go there but I’m not bothered. I’m prepared to live with her anywhere in the world.’

Mohamed revealed that during her visit to Egypt he took Iris home for dinner, where she spent time with his mother.

‘My mother really liked Iris and they got on well even though there was a language problem.

Iris left This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in hysterics after she appeared on the programme in January to discuss her sex life 

‘But my mother said to me that if I’m happy, then she’s happy. That’s all any mother wants; for her son to be with a woman he really loves.’

Iris, who divorced her ex-husband more than 40 years ago, has now managed to save up to and return to Egypt in order to marry Mohamed, who is from Giza

The couple’s relationship hit the spotlight earlier this year when Iris went on ITV’s This Morning to discuss the huge age gap and ended up revealing details of their sex life.

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield weren’t prepared for how forthcoming she would be and immediately collapsed in giggles as the OAP exclaimed: ‘The first night was pretty rough.

‘Nobody had been near me for 35 years… I thought I was a virgin again!’ As Phil, 57, held his head in his hands, Iris continued: ‘Can I tell you what we used? A whole tube of KY jelly’.

After meeting last summer online, within a fortnight, Mohamed had professed his love and by November, Iris had arranged to fly over to Cairo to meet him in person

Collapsing in laughter, a flustered Holly, 38, couldn’t control herself as Iris continued: ‘The thing is I couldn’t walk the next day… I felt like I was riding a horse! Saddle sore wasn’t in it. Anyway, we got over it.’

Speaking to MailOnline from his home in Giza, south of Cairo, earlier this year Mohamed stressed that while people may be skeptical about their relationship, his love for Iris is real.

‘It might seem a bit strange having a wife who is 20 years older than your mother but that’s love,’ he said. ‘It makes you blind.

‘When you are a man and you fall in love with a woman, it doesn’t matter how old she is or what she looks like.’

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