Gogglebox’s biggest secrets including what it was supposed to be called as show turns 10

Gogglebox’s biggest secrets including what it was supposed to be called as show turns 10

The concept of a television show complised entirely of watching families watching television shouldn’t work, but it does.

From Giles and Mary's 'nutty’ term of endearment to everyone’s favourite duo Ellie and Lizzie, Channel 4’s Gogglebox is now celebrating 10 years on our screens. The stars responsible for the show’s success and providing us with lots of laughs, have recently shared their thoughts on how the show has changed their lives. Despite its many loyal fans, what goes on behind the scenes of the show still remains mostly a mystery.

During their appearance on Zoe Ball's Radio 2 program this morning, close friends and beloved reality TV stars Jenny and Lee discussed some of the program's biggest secrets.

The show almost had a different name

Jenny Newby, 65, and Lee Riley, 51, have been friends for many years in Hull and joined the cast of Gogglebox in 2014. During their radio appearance, Jenny and Lee revealed that the show almost had a different name before settling on Gogglebox.

Two other names in the running were 242 Minutes – named after the average time the UK population used to spend watching TV – and Watch With Britain. Luckily, Gogglebox was chosen as the title and the show wouldn’t be the same without it.

Lee wasn't supposed to be on the show

Initially, Jenny was meant to participate in Gogglebox with her daughter instead of Lee.

Jenny revealed that her daughter was unfortunately unwell on the scheduled day and couldn’t take part. Fortunately, Lee happened to have the day off from the pub and was able to step in as a replacement.

The cast used to do shots before the show

The pair, who have been best friends for over 20 years after meeting a a pub where Jenny used to work, also revealed that they used to do vodka shots in the early years of Gogglebox, before the cameras started rolling. However, now they don’t drink at all, Jenny confirmed.

The show is a 'pantomime' behind the scenes

Former star Paige, 23, joined the show with her mum Sally, in 2019, butquit in 2021after falling out with her mother. After announcing her departure from Gogglebox with a tweet slamming Gogglebox producers for giving her "zero aftercare," Paige has now likened filming the show to being in a "pantomime".

Speaking toThe Sun, Paige said: “Sometimes they give you a 'three, two, one' countdown which gears you up and gets you ready to react. It’s a bit of a pantomime behind the scenes, you have to understand that you’re a character in a show and you can't be your 100 per cent authentic self, otherwise everyone would be on their phones for half of the show.”

Producers pick the best reactions

Paige spilled the beans on how the TV families have to sit through five clips of recent shows, and watch each of them three times so the producers can pick the best reactions for the final cut. No wonder they sometimes look bored out of their minds.

Also, she revealed that filming for the show can go on for hours, and sometimes producers step in and try to explain bits of the program or tell them when to get excited.

Stars are paid differently

Paige revealed stars of the show get paid a minimum of £100 per day. However, if they're one of the popular faces that people love to watch, they can command even higher salaries.

Paige also mentioned that the fact that the stars are paid differently is one reason why the Gogglebox families don't hang out together much, to avoid any potential disputes over salaries.

The snacks don't get eaten

Paige let slip something many viewers have questioned over the years: that the prop snacks on the show are hardly ever eaten by the stars. Apparently, this is to ensure continuity during the editing process.

Additionally, she revealed that the stars have to sit in the same positions on the sofas to maintain consistency.


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