Galaxy boffins say you're eating chocolate all wrong – and there are two big mistakes we all make | The Sun

Galaxy boffins say you're eating chocolate all wrong – and there are two big mistakes we all make | The Sun

CHOCOLATE is one of the nation's favourite treats – but we might've been eating it wrong all along.

Top food scientists at Galaxy claim there are two big mistakes chocolate lovers make – and they may surprise you.

It's no lie that chocolate is one of the UK's favourite snacks – in fact, about 58% say it's their favourite treat.

And although a vast majority of Brits tend to store their chocolate in the fridge, research reveals that is NOT the way to go.

Chocolate needs to be stored at 18 degrees – which means you should be putting it in the cupboard instead.

Victoria Gell, brand director at Galaxy chocolate, said: "With over half of the UK stating chocolate is their favourite treat we’re keen to share these tips to help create the ultimate indulgent pleasure experience.  


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"We want to help Brits understand the subtle nuances and characteristics of chocolate while of course giving it the full respect it deserves." 

About 78% have admitted to putting their chocolate in the fridge so far, so if that's you, you might want to think about switching it up.

The other big mistake people make is chewing it. Yes, it sounds silly, but letting it melt in your mouth instead allows the cocoa butter to coat your mouth and spread all those flavours out.

Rather like fine wine, there's a lot to explore and indulge in when it comes to chocolate.

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It might surprise you to learn chocolate should also be consumed in the morning – between 9am and 11am to be specific.

This is because the flavours requires a fresh palette to be enjoyed properly, and it also provides a great caffeine boost early on.

Food scientist Natalie Alibrandi said: “Chocolate is a deep and complex delicacy with many layers to be explored.

"Understanding the need for the chocolate to snap, both visually and aurally brings a sensation that dances on your taste receptors and increases flavour.  

"Eating chocolate earlier in the day with a fresh palate is also a key finding that many Brits will be surprised about, making it a good mid-morning snack choice to help keep us firing on all cylinders before lunch."

Other top tips

Here's a list of other ways you might've been eating chocolate wrong this whole time:

  • Eat in small quantities  –  to avoid overstimulating yours tastebuds, you should aim to eat up to six pieces of four-gram portions at once
  • Have it without distractions – you won't be able to appreciate the different tastes and textures if you're doing something else too
  • Pair it with other things – the more unexpected the better. You could try milk or white chocolate with bitter foods or bitter chocolate with saltier foods 
  • Savour the aftertaste  – some chocolates can leave a 45 minute-long aftertaste, but in most cases a 15 minute-long wait will do
  • Don’t mix – again, you don't want to overstimulate your tastebuds, so make sure you don't mix different types of chocolate

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