Furious mum slams parents who take ‘entire family’ to the supermarket

Furious mum slams parents who take ‘entire family’ to the supermarket

A mum has slammed parents who take their "entire family" on outings to the supermarket.

The woman took to parenting website Mumsnet to voice her anger about parents who think it is okay to go to the supermarket with their kids in tow.

The frustrated woman told how she "can't for the life of her understand why on earth the whole family needs to go".

She concluded her outburst by saying one parent should stay at home with the children, whilst the other shops alone, WalesOnline reported.

The mum said: "I normally do the food shop on Saturday or Sunday morning.

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"It's not rammed, but it's fairly busy, and one of the things that makes it so busy is entire families grocery shopping together.

"Yesterday, it was mum, dad and three kids maybe 5/6 and under…why??

"The kids were bored and whingy, in the way, touching everything on the shelves.

"Surely one parent can stay home with kids, and one can do the shopping?

"I totally understand lone parents who work in the week having to take the kids along, but can't for the life of me understand why on earth the whole family needs to go?

"I'm probably just grumpy, so it could be that I am being unreasonable."

Many parents took to the comments section to agree with the mum.

One mum wrote: "Hate this. Plus parents seem utterly incapable of telling their children to keep to the side/ stop getting in the way/ it's not a playground etc.

"Delivery all the way now with the odd trip to Aldi, preferably not at the weekend."

Another sympathised: "Totally agree. It’s not fun. It’s not quality family time. It’s not necessary."

A  third said: "Totally agree with you OP. Bored s******s darling children running wild and screaming isn’t on."

A fourth user added she likes her children to "have an input" with the supermarket shop, but she was shot down by other parents who told her to stop being so pretencious.

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