Flexispot Q8 standing desk review: Bamboo is beautiful | The Sun

Flexispot Q8 standing desk review: Bamboo is beautiful | The Sun

A GREAT standing desk is a proper luxury for a home office, so I got hands on with the Flexispot Q8 standing desk to see if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

In a month of testing I’ve gotten a good feel for the Q8 and I’ve broken down everything you need to know about it below.

  • Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk, £699.99 – buy here

Overall rating: 3.5/5


  • Smooth and powerful motors
  • Big height range
  • Built in wireless charger
  • Multiple USB ports


  • Expensive
  • Limited styles

Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk: first impressions

  • Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk, £699.99 – buy here

First things first, the Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk is pretty heavy; it weighs in at 58kg. When it comes to accepting delivery and assembling you’ll probably want a second pair of hands.

I assembled the desk by myself, but doing it solo was a bit of a faff, and having a helper around to hold things in place while I screwed it together and manoeuvred it into position would have been helpful.

The process itself was very straightforward and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes from start to finish. The only hiccup was the cable management tray which is fixed onto the desk with two tiny screws which, if you’re as ham-fisted as me, you may find yourself repeatedly dropping.

Nonetheless, assembly was completed quickly and it wasn’t particularly tricky.


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Once that’s done, the Flexispot Q8 is pretty plug and play; you will need to connect it to the mains to adjust its height and use the power ports (obviously) and everything worked flawlessly out of the box. 

Adjusting the height is done with two touch buttons on the small dashboard which are easy to use, although if we’re nitpicking, they could be a little more responsive.

There’s a wireless charger built into the desk, which means you can set compatible devices down on the correct area of the desk and they’ll start charging automatically, which is a neat feature.

The Flexispot also has a slimline drawer built into the front, which will fit a few notepads and some cables, but not much more because it’s very thin.

Finally, the Flexispot has a USB and a USB C charging port built into the dashboard, which is useful for charging any phones or laptops you have around your desk.

Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk: features

  • Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk, £699.99 – buy here

The sit-stand mechanism is a powerful beast. Flexispot says the Q8 has a 100kg capacity, so unless you’re planning on doubling the desk as a bed, the weight limit will be plenty for anything you can stick on it.

The motors that raise and lower the desk are incredibly smooth and quiet and it’s a treat to use; it works exactly as you’d hope.

You can save four height profiles in the desk, which is handy if you share it with other users, and makes switching from sitting to standing a breeze. You can add profiles to the desk by holding down one of the four profile buttons when you’ve adjusted your desk to the correct height and then it’s simply a case of remembering which number you saved for yourself.

The desk has an anti-collision feature too, so the Q8 should automatically stop if you try lowering it onto something below.

Flexispot Q8 standing desk review: The verdict

I’ve really enjoyed testing the Flexispot Q8 standing desk. It does pretty much everything you’d want an adjustable desk to do, and it does it well.

It effortlessly converts from sitting to standing mode, it’s got loads of useful features, including the integrated wireless charger, the convenient charging ports and the user profiles.

There’s only two real negatives two the Flexispot Q8. The first is the price: this is an expensive bit of kit and I think I’d struggle to justify paying full price for it when there are cheaper alternatives available (including on Flexispot’s own website).

Secondly is the limited number of designs: you can only choose between a white and a black frame and you get a light-coloured bamboo desktop either way. If this palette doesn’t fit into your design scheme, this might not be the desk for you.

Flexispot Q8 standing desk: Key specs

  • Weight: 58kg
  • Maximum capacity: 100kg
  • Material (desktop): bamboo
  • Minimum height: 24 inches (60.96cm)
  • Maximum height: 49.2 inches (124.968cm)

Flexispot Q8 standing desk: How much does it cost?

  • Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk, £699.99 – buy here

At the time of writing, the Q8 is priced at £699.99 on Flexispot’s website.

However, that number is set to dip by £100 in Flexispot’s Black Friday sale, so we’d recommend waiting until then to buy!

Mark November 25 down on your calendars.

Where can I buy Flexispot standing desks?

Flexispot desks are available from a number of retailers.

The widest range is from Flexispot’s own website as you can customise your chosen desk in a huge variety of ways.

Flexispot also has a good number of desks available on Amazon and a smaller selection available at retailers including Wayfair and Fruugo.

Does Flexispot have any sales?

Flexispot will be taking part in Black Friday 2022.

It’s set to launch a number of deals across a range of its standing desks, including up to £100 off some of its most popular lines, so it’s well worth checking out on November 25.

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