FEMAIL reveals how to sparkle in style

FEMAIL reveals how to sparkle in style

FEMAIL reveals how to sparkle in style: sequins are everywhere this season, but approach with caution

  • Fashion expert Hanna Woodside, shared advice for wearing top-to- toe sequins
  • She took inspiration from Oscar De La Renta’s Autumn/Winter 2018 catwalk
  • She suggests choosing styles that look luxe and have sequins densely packed 
  • Hanna picked out a selection of styles from the UK High Street and online 

Never underestimate the knockout power of top-to-toe sequins. The sartorial equivalent of popping open a magnum of Champagne, they provide instant, full-watt fabulousness — not to mention light-reflecting powers that brighten even the most washed-out winter complexion.

Before you dismiss all-over sequins as too young, too trashy or too obvious, know that Oscar De La Renta, Temperley London, even Givenchy sent heavily sequined styles down their Autumn/Winter 2018 catwalks.

All part of a resurgence of glitz and glamour — think Studio 54 and Eighties disco — that for the past few seasons has seen designers embracing ever more decadent embellishment and maximalist flourishes.

British fashion expert Hanna Woodside, revealed a selection of this season’s best sequin outfits and shared styling advice. Pictured: Dress, £350, karenmillen.co.uk; shoes, £29.99, zara.com; earrings, £85, merola.co.uk

Dress, £89.99, shoes, £29.99, both zara.com; earrings, £280, sorujewellery.com

A reaction to these somewhat difficult times? Catnip for Instagram obsessed fashionistas? Or maybe designers just got bored of all that sensible minimalism.

Rather like metallics and animal print, sequins may once have been considered outré, but now feel ‘right’. Stars such as Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore and Michelle Obama know the power of a serious whack of sequins — and no one’s calling them brassy.

How to make the look feel grown-up? Firstly, make sure the sequins are densely packed so the fabric is reassuringly weighty and luxe-looking; what you want to avoid is a sparse sprinkle on sheer fabric, a look favoured by cruise ship singers and ice-skaters.

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If you’re nervous of looking OTT, stick to a classic colour palette — black, gold, bronze. But this really isn’t about subtlety. (Though, perhaps swerve holographic or pearlescent sequins, unless you want to channel a mermaid. 

Luckily, this party season the High Street has plenty of classy takes on the sequin trend. For an easy-to-wear shape, Monsoon has a bronze, long-sleeved midi dress (£99, monsoon.co.uk) with a little stretch in it. 

Wrap-dresses are universally flattering; new Brit label Jovonna London does one in multi-coloured sequin stripes and contrasting black details (£139.99, ownthelook.com). The halterneck on Karen Millen’s emerald show-stopper (£350, karenmillen.com) is stunning and adventurous.

Jacket, £295, trousers £195, outlinelondon.com; shoes, £52, office.co.uk; earrings, £12.99, zara.com

Jumpsuit, £550, lkbennett.com; shoes, £29.99, zara.com; earrings, £125, merola.co.uk

Dress, £225, frenchconnection.com; shoes, £29.99, zara.com; earrings, £300, dinnyhall.com

If you like the look of L.K. Bennett’s Seventies-style flared jumpsuit in glittering gold (£550, lkbennett.com), but your proportions top and bottom aren’t quite in sync, you can create a similar effect with a blazer and matching trousers. 

Try the Lennox trousers and jacket (£195 and £295 respectively, outlinelondon.com), which you can mix and match with other (non-sequined) pieces for more mileage.

If your party default is all black, then translating that with black sequins will elevate an outfit, catching the light and adding texture. A strappy black jumpsuit is a classic, but do it in sequins (£250, karenmillen.com) and you’ll be showered with compliments all night. 

Do spend a smidgeon more on sequins than you might on a regular party dress; bad manufacturing will risk you catching one and the rest unravelling and cascading off. Ideally, each sequin should be individually affixed.

But sequins done right can be beautiful and mood-enhancing. And who doesn’t want that this Christmas?

Dress, £139.99, ownthelook.com; shoes, £52, office.co.uk; earrings, £280, sorujewellery.com

Jumpsuit, £250, karenmillen.com; shoes, £29.99, zara.com; earrings, £300, dinnyhall.com

Dress, £99, monsoon.co.uk; shoes, £29.99, earrings, £15.99, both zara.com

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