Fella with extreme body modification chops half his ears off to look like an elf

Fella with extreme body modification chops half his ears off to look like an elf
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    A tattoo lover with countless body modifications showed off his "elf ears" as he opened up about his works.

    Ethan Bramble, from Australia, got his first inking at the age of 12 and has since gone deep into the rabbit hole of tattoos and body modifications.

    He injected ink in his eyes, stretched his ear lobes, split his tongues and even chopped half of his ears off.

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    Speaking on Outspoken Show podcast, the 22-year-old said most of the work were results of "impulse decisions".

    He removed the headphones to show host Jackson O'Doherty his mis-shaped ears, which have a big chunk chopped off.

    Explaining his decision, Ethan said: "Have you seen those elf ears? Yeah you can get them and they do surgery and turn your ears.

    "I was like 'they're kind of cool but they look kind of girly', so I just pitbull that sh*t and Chopper Read it."


    Jackson then explained to his listeners that Chopper Read is a notorious criminal who had his inmate cut his ears off using a razor in prison in 1978.

    Ethan did it at his friend's studio, adding: "He used a scalpel and numbed my ears as local anaesthesia, then just slice them off.

    "It's like 40 stitches on each ear."

    During the show, he also showed off his stitched-up belly button and detailed how he got his eyes tattooed.

    "You get so many mixed bags of reactions when you're out in public," the body mod fan continued.

    "Some people are like 'f*** all about it' or 'do what you want to do', then you have people saying 'this is the stupidest sh*t'.

    "The way I put it for most people is the way I look or the tattoos or that I cut off my body – it doesn't affect you in your daily life in any shape or form, so why do you care so much?"

    Host Jackson agreed with him, adding: "Why do people have to feel the need to comment?"


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