Fed-up resident shames housemates for ‘pooing on wall’ with furious note

Fed-up resident shames housemates for ‘pooing on wall’ with furious note

Sharing a house with others can be difficult at times – especially when thrown into student accommodation with random people you've never met before.

Arguments about who is taking the bins and bickering about fridge space are all very normal situations that occur in the life of a university student.

However, this one keen academic has got quite the fight on her hands due to her particularly 'disgusting' male housemates.

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No, not their inability to keep in their farts or constant urge to scratch their crotch.

These bunch of lads have a very pooey problem. Pooey in the sense that they have been getting their personal waste on the wall.

Fed up of finding the shared bathroom covered in poop, the university student took the matter into her own hands by taping passive aggressive note to the wall.

"Close and lock door when in use!", the noted declared.

"This is not pre-school. No one wants to see you as you go to the toilet. It makes other residents uncomfortable and is cutting a fine line between exposured [sic] public exhibitionism.

"We all have to live together in peace and comfort We're all paying rent here, act like it!"

The student also hung a handwritten sign on the bathroom wall which continued to air her very strong feelings towards her male housemates and instructed them on how to rid of skid marks.

Bluntly, the second note read: "No one wants to see your skid marks! Use the toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl

"Buy your own bleach and disinfect the brush and bowl with it too. I NEVER want to see poo on the wall again."

And, she even went to the trouble of writing out a third.

"Flush toilet! We are mature rent paying individuals.

"Check toilet seat before you leave, too. Faecal matter left behind is a health risk and also unbearably disgusting.

"We're adults remember."

After she got that off her chest, the riled up student took to the Casual UK subreddit to further rant about her messy male housemates.

"I've just put these notes up for my disgusting male flatmates," she explained. "I'm at uni not nursery. I don't think they got the memo.

"This has been a month coming now. The day I moved in there was all over the toilet bowl and up the toilet seat and lid. I've communicated the needs other residents have, and the danger of faecal matter being left out.

"I've reported it to the campus officials too.

"Today I came home to find it on the wall. I'm going crazy here."

The dispute touched a nerve with fellow Reddit users – who have also been scarred by toilet related incidents.

One person gasped: "The poo on the wall message is very concerning. I don't even think they do that in nursery. This is worse!"

Another user shared: "I worked in a hotel a few years ago. Someone had written the word poo in poo on the bathroom wall. Some people are just awful."

While a third suggested: "You should have taken photos of their s*** and sent it to their mums."

Someone else fretted: "This will not have the desired result."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "Someone's gonna put poo in your shoes for this."


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