‘Fake bimbo’ wants biggest boobs in world after spending £50k on surgery

‘Fake bimbo’ wants biggest boobs in world after spending £50k on surgery

The boobs of Jessy Bunny have been a hot topic of discussion ever since her parents disowned her aged 18.

Tensions brewed when at the time her mum and dad gifted her money to buy her first ever car.

But instead of purchasing the motor as promised, Jessy splurged the hard-earned savings on a boob job.

Since then, she has had even bigger implants fitted, taking them to a whopping 2000cc in size.

Her chest alone has cost £20,000 while in total she has spent £50,000 on plastic surgeries – including a BBL, chin surgery, liposuction and countless lip fillers.

But Jessy, 20, is not stopping until she gets the biggest breasts – and bum – in the world.

She told Daily Star: “I want so many more surgeries. I want to get the biggest boobs in the world – but also the biggest lips and the biggest ass.

“I will have my second booty surgery at just 21 this fall. I also wanna get two pairs of ribs removed, a second nose surgery and cheek and chin implants.

“I also wanna get a cat eye lift and much more Botox against my wrinkles.

“I wanna get a juicier and bigger but not wider p***y. I already had a surgery down there and I can't wait to get it done again.”

Jessy grew up in Germany but now lives in Vienna where she earns money selling racy snaps on OnlyFans.

And her ginormous assets already make Jessy the centre of attention in public – and she would have it no other way.

She added: “When I’m on the street everyone is staring at me, which I understand since I don’t just have the biggest boobs and the most enhanced body in Vienna, but also the biggest boobs in the whole of Austria.

“Some people make nasty comments and others want to take a photo. A fun fact is so many women on the street love my look, which makes me very happy.”

Despite her eye-popping appearance, Jessy looked completely unrecognisable before her £50k transformation.

She said last week: “Oh my god… I can’t recognise myself in old pictures. I have no boobs at all, just a pitiful A cup. And I also think I look super sad because I couldn’t be the bimbo I always wanted to be.”

Jessy – who has 82,000 followers on Instagram – also explained why her parents played a part for her bimbo barbie obsession.

She said: “My parents didn't allow me to play with Barbie, so I decided I wanted to become a Barbie.

“When I was browsing the internet in my early teen years I discovered these extreme 3D models of bimbos on pages like Deviant Art.

“And since then my dream has been to become such a doll.”

As for her loved ones, she added: “I don’t have contact. They did break up every contact with me after I started becoming a bimbo.”

And while she may have lost family members, she believes her extreme look will always be in demand elsewhere.

“I think over 90% of men love bimbos,” she said.

“I am happy, but now I wanna get even more fake.”

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