Expert shares dreamy ‘Botox in a bottle’ product which improves skin with age

Expert shares dreamy ‘Botox in a bottle’ product which improves skin with age

There are plenty of options out there for women when it comes to looking younger, an excellent skincare regime being a crucial one.

Charlene Flanagan, an MUA and co-founder of Ella & Jo Cosmetics, spoke exclusively to about the three simple steps women can make to take years off.

She stressed that ageing is a beautiful thing rather than something to try and avoid. Indeed, she said: “Let’s not feel bad about our wrinkles, your changing looks are a reminder of the gift of life you’ve been blessed with for years!”

However, as the founder of an award-winning skincare brand, she also hopes to instil confidence in women when it comes to their skin’s appearance.

She advised ladies: “Start simple but keep it consistent, cleanse, serum and SPF in the morning & cleanse, serum and night cream every evening. 

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“Find products that promote collagen, look for peptides, vitamin A, or alternative vitamin A-based products (Relax & Renew Night Cream).”

In order to give your skin a boost and look better with age, Charlene recommended three crucial products, the first being Hyaluronic Acid.

The expert said: “As we age, fewer natural oils, hormonal changes, sun damage and decreased cell renewal can all lead to dryer skin.

“Applying a Hyaluronic Acid Serum underneath makeup helps plump the skin and allows for an effortless application – your makeup will simply glide onto your skin leaving a more radiant, youthful, and healthy complexion in place, all day long!”

She suggested women invest in a special product: “For an extra boost try a Hyaluronic facial skin mist like the Ella & Jo 3 in 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist (£23).”

Charlene said: “This genius formula, which was dubbed ‘Botox in a bottle’ is your quick fix solution to all your hydration needs.

“A couple of spritz of this super hydrating formula will enhance your skin’s radiance, help plump fine lines, and refresh your makeup without the need for re-application – the search for a holy grail foundation that lasts all day is over!”

Charlene’s next piece of skin advice was to switch to cream-based products, blushers, bronzers and eyeshadows.  

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Formulated to transform dull, lacklustre complexions, Revolution Beauty’s Miracle Cream delivers intense hydration to help smooth and plump skin’s appearance.

-SPF 30-Dermatologically tested-Cruelty free-Reduces visible signs of ageing-Hydrates and firms skin

An anti-wrinkle moisturiser that is clinically proven to improve hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant.

She explained: “Cream products will help add moisture back into mature skin and are more pigmented to help cover redness or age spots that powder could not.

“As well as this, powders can sit on top of the skin, which can eventually settle into and enhance fine lines and wrinkles.

“Simply apply cream formulas with your fingers (less is more) for an instant glow and lift that will have people complimenting on your radiance all day!”

Finally, the skincare expert told women to be stringent with SPF, not just reserving it for the summer months.

She said: “One of the key skincare products you should be applying on to the skin every single day is an SPF. It’s the most effective pro-aging product because it protects what you already have.

“UV damage can result in sagging of the skin, loss of tone and pigmentation – all of which can be prevented by using a broad-spectrum SPF.”

The expert uses Ella & Jo Plump And Protect Day Cream With SPF 30 (£33) “without fail, every single day”.

“This hydrating day cream has broad spectrum UV protection, is suitable for all skin types and also helps protect against blue light from screens.”

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