Everything you need to know the about the McDonald’s breakfast menu

Everything you need to know the about the McDonald’s breakfast menu

Life is often cruel but never crueller than when, attempting to satisfy your deep-fried fast food craving, you end up with the wrong meal.

Want a McMuffin? It's a quarter pounder for you.

Want a hash brown? The only potato-y treat you'll be getting is chips.

You've been here before, and you know you should have learned by now.

It's time to put this disappointment behind you.

Its for this reason that you need to know when the McDonald's menu changes over.

Here's when the breakfast menu shifts to lunch…

What time does McDonald's stop serving breakfast and start serving lunch?

The magic time to remember is 11am – this is when the big switch from the breakfast to the normal menu takes place.

That means that the fast food restaurant will be loaded up with McMuffins, breakfast rolls and pancakes until this time.

This doesn't suit everyone of course, especially those nursing a sore head from the night before.

While the changeover takes place at 11, it can take until 11:30 for the normal menu to get firing on all cylinders, according to the fast food chain's website.

Some of the takeaway-titan's restaurants are open 24 hours a day – for these all-day spots, the breakfast menu will become available from 6am onwards and run through to the next 11am switch.

To find your nearest 24 hour fast food meal, head over to the restaurant locator.

Until 2019 breakfast was served until 10:30am, so it's understandable if you've been disappointed by a hash brown drought – you have, however, now been warned.

What items are on the McDonald's breakfast menu?

Compared to the normal menu, the breakfast menu is a relatively compact affair.

There are four different types of breakfast roll (all with bacon and two with a sausage patty) and five variations on the world-famous McMuffin.

On top of that, breakfasteers can also get their mitts on a a jammy muffin, two types of pancake, a hash brown and a cheesy bacon flatbread.

Following the thrilling news about the arrival of the meat-free McPlant, vegan and vegetarian could be forgiven for hoping that a meatless patty might have found it's way into the confines of a McMuffin, but such majesty is yet to grace our tastebuds.

Does McDonald's serve the breakfast menu daily?

Yes, you get your favourite breakfast bites every day, with some branches of the chain starting serving as early as 5am.

McDonald's have said they have no plans to introduce an all day breakfast menu.

Would you like to see an all day breakfast menu? Let us know in the comments.

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