Emma Bed Review 2021

Emma Bed Review 2021

A good nights sleep is essential for our health and bodies and one of the best ways to obtain sweet dreams is through a good bed frame (and mattress).

We'd heard the Emma Signature Bed aims to encompass the perfect nights sleep so we put the bed to the test to see how it faired in performance, style and quality…

  • Emma Signature Bed, from £419.30 – buy here


  • Super comfortable frame
  • High quality material
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish frame and headboard
  • Good value for money


  • Quite heavy
  • Needs two people to put it together (one if you're super strong!)

Emma bed review: Summary

The Emma Signature Bed is honed to fit the curve of bodies and all of our weird and wonderful sleeping positions. It aims to be the ultimate "bed in a box" that you can easily assemble at home. Emma is so sure you will love it that it offers a 200 night sleep test and a 10-year guarantee.

The delivery did take some time but we weren’t put off that easily; when it arrived Emma kindly gave us a pillow to try as an apology, which felt luxurious and soft.

The boxes all come with a branded safety cutter to carefully open the plastic packaging. The bed frame was fairly easy to put together, and while you may be able to do it by yourself, it is best to get some help with slotting the frame together for an easy assemble.

The headboard felt durable thanks to a luxury grey material, which also adorns the side panels, giving the bed a chic, minimalist look.

We teamed it with the Emma Original mattress which on our first night's sleep felt supportive and comfortable with medium firmness. It moulds to the shape of your body which is great if you have a particular position of sleeping or if you find yourself tossing and turning a lot.

You can read our review of the Emma Original Mattress here.

In summary, we felt that the Emma Signature Bed is a good quality bed frame, which looks extremely stylish in the bedroom and is perfect for reclining on while you're relaxing in your favourite pyjamas in the morning.

  • Emma signature bed, from £419.30 – buy here

Emma bed review: full review

Putting it together

The instructions that come with the Emma Signature bed are super easy to read and you can use an Allen key to put the bed together but we would say it's easier to use a drill.

And while a strong person may be able to assemble it on their own, we recruited an extra pair of hands that could really get to grips with all the heavy stuff, as the bed frame is a little on the weightier side.

The boxes are helpfully put in order of what you need to assemble first and the instructions are accurate and clear regarding how each piece slots together, so you literally follow along with the booklet.

And while you can use some strength to put it together using an Allen key, we decided to make our life way easier by using the drill throughout.

The Sleep Test

Having a good nights sleep can make or break a day, particularly if it’s a workday. For comfort, the spine needs to be aligned and hips well supported, so it goes without saying that a good bed is paramount to having the best nights kip possible. But what is the Emma bed frame really like to sleep on? And does it really live up to its hype?

The Emma bed frame we tried was the signature style in grey king size. The headboard is made of good quality tufted material which is padded enough to lean against should you be sitting up in bed watching tv (or are fortunate enough for someone to bring you breakfast in bed).

We were pleased that the bed frame has ample room underneath to store all your excess bedroom bits including shoes, folders or boxes.

We teamed it with a brand new teal duvet cover and pillowcases which really complimented the grey colour of the headboard and looked very chic.

The frame is made of a metal structure and plywood panels, while the legs are wood, and it definitely comes across as a durable bed. We loved the little touch of side pockets that you can keep your phone or a small book in too.

While we think you may need a little help putting it together (unless you are quite strong) we felt the grey minimal colour and the Scandinavian style frame will go with most bedroom schemes. We’re sold!

  • Emma signature bed, from £419.30 – buy here

How much is the Emma Signature Bed? 

A standard UK double in the Emma Signature bed then this starts at £599. If you want a king-size it's £649 and a large king size is £719. Also, add £100 for the headboard should you wish to purchase it.

That makes it much cheaper than the rivalling Simba Orion, which starts at £861.75, but a little more than the Eve minimal bed frame, which is £469 for a double.

Does Emma make any other beds?

Emma make a wooden slat frame bed, aptly named The Platform, which is a simple sleek design made to provide optimal support with their mattress. It doesn't come with a headboard but it does have purse-pleasing prices. The range starts at £159 which is great value for money.

Is Emma based in the UK?

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, Emma is now sold in 26 countries and is hugely popular in the U.K. While it is not based originally in the U.K, its mattresses are all manufactured and made in Britain.

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