Elliot Page: I had secret relationship with closeted co-star for two years

Elliot Page: I had secret relationship with closeted co-star for two years

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Elliot Page reveals he was in a secret relationship with a closeted actress for almost two years.

Page wrote in his bombshell memoir, “Pageboy,” that he met the actress he calls “Ryan” while making a movie and fell “desperately in love.”

“My partner was more closeted than me for a change,” the “Juno” actor wrote, adding that even his closest friends didn’t know about the relationship.

Page, 36, wrote that he remembers when they first met in a coffee shop in Los Angeles when he was 26.

“She was radiant – her dress, her smile, how she pushed her hair from her face … We discussed books, activism, our collective consciousness, and the deep intelligence of nature,” he wrote.

According to the “Umbrella Academy” star, the couple conducted an extremely clandestine romance that was known to only a handful of people.

“Her parents did not know,” Page noted. “I was the friend that came for Christmas … We never touched outside, we barely went to dinner. She was in my phone under the name ‘Ryan.’”

Despite the secrecy surrounding their relationship, Page said they did manage to have “a lot of fun,” and “discreet but adventurous sex. On rocks, just below the Pacific Coast Highway, hidden in boulders in Joshua Tree National Park, on an airplane.”

The duo also took some memorable trips together to Nova Scotia and stayed in a friend’s cabin outside of Pugwash.

The “Whip It” star remembered that once while waiting for a connecting flight in an Air Canada lounge, “Ryan” took the book Page was reading and “began to write in the back sleeve, an outpouring of love, one of the most beautiful letters I have ever received.”

But Page confessed that “it was not a sustainable relationship … the lying the anxiety, the disgust.”

The Canadian-born actor believed that “Ryan” couldn’t “handle the shame” of being thought of as “queer” and broke up with him, causing his “heart to be shattered.”

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Not long after the pair split, Page went to a party, and “Ryan” came with a male date. Unable to cope, he fled the room and pretended to have gotten food poisoning.

“Ryan’s” partner kindly brought over some coconut water for Page.

“He had no idea about our history of course,” he wrote. “It was a kind gesture, but I wanted to take that coconut water and throw it.”

Eventually, Page left, distraught from watching “Ryan” enjoying a party and touching her date “in the way she never could with me … it unreservedly gutted me.”

The Oscar nominee wrote of other relationships including one with actress Kate Mara and Olivia Thirlby on the set of “Juno.”

Page doesn’t shy away from darker subjects including being chased by a maniac shouting transphobic comments and being verbally assaulted by an unnamed A-list actor who said he would “f–k” him, to prove that the “Inception” star wasn’t gay.

Page came out as gay in 2014 and as transgender in December 2020.

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