Edinburgh restauranteur hits back at two-star Tripadvisor review

Edinburgh restauranteur hits back at two-star Tripadvisor review

Edinburgh restauranteur hits back at two-star Tripadvisor review complaining that the coq au vin tastes of alcohol – saying ‘it’s in the name’

  • ‘Disappointed’ reviewer complained that gratin Dauphinois were overcooked  
  • But restauranteur hit back saying that the complaint was ‘below the belt’
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The owner of an Edinburgh restaurant has left a scathing response to a two-star Tripadvisor review which criticised the food, complaining that the coq au vin had a strong alcohol flavour.

According to the diner, their meal at French eatery Chez Jules was ‘disappointing’, despite it enjoying an average rating of four stars. 

Taking to the review site to share their thoughts, the disgruntled customer wrote: ‘I’m starting by saying I am a big fan of Chez Jules, always my number one restaurant (if I need to choose where to go for dinner). 

‘Tonight I went with a friend to have a lovely dinner and finished just to be disappointed. The onion soup was one scoop of onion and the rest just broth (with a tiny slice of bread and a tiny amount of cheese), for £5.95! 

‘The soup that I remember wasn’t served like that (like they do in the lunch menu), even after I let the waiter notice this, no one tried to fix the problem.

The owner of Chez Jules (pictured), a French restaurant in Edinburgh, has hit back at a review criticising the food

‘We had the chicken in red wine with dauphinois potato, not bad, but the potato was over cooked and the chicken had the tasting of alcohol very strong.

‘I’m very sad to write this review, but I don’t know what happened with the quality of this place…’

The restaurant’s owner, Pierre L, responded to the review with some scathing comebacks of his own, in a write-up that appeared somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

In his reply, he suggested that one might expect coq au vin to taste of alcohol, and he noted his own disappointment that the diner was disappointed with their onion soup.

Pierre wrote: ‘I guess we failed the soup test (and this also upset me). As for the alcohol in the coq au vin ??? It is all in the name. 

‘And the gratin Dauphinois was overcooked  Ouch! This is one is right under the belt. Unfair!’  

Despite the poor write-up, Chez Jules enjoys a four-star rating on Tripadvisor, where it has 1,499 reviews, including 740 giving it five-stars. 

One happy diner, who awarded the bistro full marks, wrote: ‘A hidden gem, if I lived in Edinburgh I’d be here all the time.

The diner who left a two-star review for the restaurant said they were disappointed with the onion soup, among other dishes

But the bistro’s owner did not take the criticism lying down, and hit back, writing a pithy comeback to the reviewer

‘The atmosphere is perfect, yes it’s loud but that’s because people are having a great time and it’s infectious.

‘I’ve been to France a lot and I was transported back to the perfect French bistro, we had mussels and steak, both perfect. The children’s meal was really good.

‘Desserts were as French as you could hope for. There’s really nothing that can be improved on.’

Another added: ‘Returned for a second visit and had lunch yesterday and it was excellent. This must be the best value lunch menu in Edinburgh??’

Despite the two-star review, Chez Jules has an average four-star rating, including a number of enthusiastic write-ups from satisfied diners

And a further reviewer was even more enthusiastic, adding: ‘First off Wow the place was booming packed butt to elbow lively and welcoming staff super friendly and attentive. 

‘The Food omg was fantastic I had frog legs and skirt steak and chips. Wolfed them down was so delicious I’d come back in a heartbeat I’d give it a 6 if I could.’ 

A fourth guest who enjoyed their experience at the eatery wrote: ‘We booked our table for 3pm. Didn’t realise this would be part of the lunch menu. 

‘As three of us happened to order what was included in the lunch menu, it was a pleasant surprise that these meals were so cheap! Champagne was lovely, cocktails were amazing.

‘Everyone loved their food. We were not rushed and stayed until around 10pm! Considering how much food and drink we consumed, the tab was so reasonable. Brilliant day and we will return soon!’ 

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