Dyson V7 Absolute Review 2020 | The Sun UK

Dyson V7 Absolute Review 2020 | The Sun UK

DYSON'S new cordless vacuums: the V7 Animal, V7 Absolute, V8 Animal, V11 Torque Drive, feature the new reach under tool promising to save our backs from bending.

So we've decided to put V7 Absolute to the test to find out whether it's really worth the hefty price tag.

You might be seeing more Dyson fans and hair dryers around, but the British technology company is still focused on developing home cleaning tech such as cordless and robot vacuum cleaners.

And they are often praised by shoppers for providing powerful suction.

So we've decided to find out whether the V7 is really worth the money and test out the vacuum cleaner. Read on to find out.

  • Dyson V7 Absolute, £299.99 from Dyson – buy here

Dyson V7 Absolute: Battery life

The Dyson V7 Absolute has up to 30 minutes of battery life on the powerful suction mode.

We ran it from a full charge to empty and it took about 25 minutes on the boost feature.

Unfortunately, the house in which we were testing has three floors and plenty of space, so the full battery with 25 minutes of powerful suction couldn't last for the whole cleaning process.

So we would recommend this to smaller households and flats.

Dyson V7 Absolute: Performance

The Dyson V7 Absolute is easy to manoeuvre because the wand is lightweight and the floor head is able to turn 90 degrees which makes it easy to reach around corners.

The vacuum cleaner feels light and stable with a total weight of just 2.3kg.

It's actually one of the lighter options on the market when comparing to its rivals such as Shark's 4kg cordless vacuum cleaners.

Our finger started to hurt halfway through the cleaning, as we constantly needed to be pressing the power button.

It's easy to empty clear bin: you'll need to hold the vacuum by the handle, pull the red lever back and lift upwards to release the cyclone.

The Dyson V7 Absolute features a new digital motor V7 promising powerful suction on carpets and hardwood floors.

We've put it on a test and found that the vacuum does a great job at cleaning it: for hardwood floors, you'll need to use the soft roller cleaner head (you'll find it included in your box).

The head features soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fibre, designed to look after floors' surface, but clean up all the dirt.

The vacuum features the whole machine filtration capturing allergens and expelling cleaner air to help you to breathe easier.

  • Dyson V7 Absolute, £299.99 from Dyson – buy here

Dyson V7 Absolute: Attachments

The new Dyson V7 features five different heads: the direct-drive cleaner, soft roller cleaner, soft-dust brush, combination tool, and service tool.

That's probably everything you'll need to clean around your house and car.

You'll also find the new reach under tool that allows you to reach low spaces, such as under the bed without bending.

And an additional wall mount can help you to store your vacuum cleaner securely.

It's very easy to attach and detach a new tool: just slide the chosen tool and wait for a click.

Dyson V7 Absolute: Verdict

We love how sleek and solid the Dyson V7 Absolute looks and feels like.

It's powerful and easy to empty, and it's very intuitive: we didn't need an operating manual to figure out how it all works.

Although, it can be tiring to be constantly holding a finger on the power button for the whole cleaning process.

The Dyson V7 Absolute is priced at £299 that makes it one of the most expensive of its kind.

You could probably find something similar and cheaper on the market but would have to compromise design, a whole machine-filtration and the reach under tool.

We really enjoyed testing out the vacuum cleaner and would recommend if you are not afraid to splash out for a quality product.

What's the difference between the Dyson V7 Animal and the V7 Absolute?

The Dyson V7 Absolute and the Dyson V7 Animal feature the same powerful technology such as whole machine filtration.

The only difference between these two models (apart from the price and colours) is that Dyson V7 comes with an additional soft roller cleaner head, great for cleaning hard floors.

So if your home has hardwood floors, we suggest paying a bit extra and getting the Absolute rather than the Animal, as the Soft Roller cleaner head has proved to be great at cleaning hard floors.

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