Dynasties viewers on the edge of their seats in nail-biting moment

Dynasties viewers on the edge of their seats in nail-biting moment

‘I thought she’d been killed!’ Dynasties fans horrified to see tiger that left national park in search of food for her cubs lying motionless – only to learn she’d been sedated by rangers for her safe return

  • Finale featured footage captured over two years following tigress Raj Bhera
  • Series narrated by Sir David Attenborough has captivated BBC viewers 
  • Raj struggled to raise four cubs while protecting her territory from rivals
  • In tense final scenes, a lack of food forces tigress to leave national park in India
  • The big cat comes face to face with the locals after leaving its confines  

Dynasties fans were left fearing for the fate of a majestic Indian tiger in ‘heart stopping’ scenes in the final episode of the captivating BBC wildlife series. 

Sunday night’s finale featured footage captured over a period of two years spent tracking tigress Raj Bhera, as she struggled to raise her four cubs in Bandhavgarh National Park Tiger Reserve in India.

A monsoon that scattered Raj Bhera’s usual prey across the reserve saw her forced to leave the boundaries of the park and come face to face with locals in tense scenes that had viewers holding their breath, as the apparently lifeless tiger was loaded on to the back of a pick-up truck while onlookers cheered. 

But moments later it transpired the tiger had been tranquilised in order to return her safely to the confines of the park – much to the relief of fans who tweeted their delight at seeing the big cat striding back to her family. 

‘Crying at Dynasties, I thought they had killed that tiger,’ one fan tweeted. 

‘Nearly flipped then… thank God they were park rangers,’ said another.  

Raj Bhera was led away by the forest department after tranquillising the tiger so that she could be taken back to safety, but viewers at first believed she had been killed

Viewers thought the worst had happened but were thrilled when tigress Raj Bhera appeared once again after she had been rescued and released by the forest park rangers

Dynasties fans were in turmoil as they believed a tiger had been captured and killed in the final episode but were relieved to see she had been rescued

‘Well, heart stopped thinking that those villagers had killed that tiger; was ready to kick the f*** off @SirDavidBBC but should have known better. And no dead tiger cubs,’ another relieved viewer posted.

‘I thought they killed that tiger at first, i was absolutely losing my s***,’ added another. 

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Raj Bhera presided over perfect tiger territory in the national park, with dense jungle, spring-fed ponds and rich grasslands all teeming with prey – but weather conditions could still make bringing dinner for her hungry cubs difficult, as the monsoon showed. 

In behind-the-scenes footage, Dynasties team member Theo Webb revealed what really happened when the tiger left her territory. 

He said the team had been wary at seeing her leave the boundaries of the park, desperate to provide for her three male cubs after her daughter, Biba, had left the group to fend for herself.   

Although seeing Raj Bhera motionless and surrounded by humans left horrified viewers assuming she’d been shot and killed upon straying from the park, Mr Webb clarified that the forest department had stepped in when she strayed from the park. 

Raj was tranquillised and taken to safety and the next day, in the scenes that were shown, was returned to her territory to be with her family.  

Some viewers said they were ready to complain to the BBC about the death of the tiger only to realise it was just a clever rouse 

Tigress Raj Bhera was faced with a difficult decision when it came to providing food for her cubs, and the decision she made threatened to destroy her entire dynasty 

Theo said: ‘We’ve been filming this tiger for two years, we’ve got attached to her, we’ve seen her with these two week old cubs, we’ve seen her lose one cub, and now we’ve seen her outside the park.

‘This is the life of a modern tiger, it is not easy it is not how it used to be for them.’

Two of Raj Bhera’s male cubs take a peek over a rock, inquisitive about the camera crew who set up shop in their territory 

Raj had to protect her four cubs from other predators like bears, when one gets too close she had to move their entire den to a new spot to keep them safe

The Dynasties camera crew filmed the tiger family over two years, growing close to the animals as they kept an eye on them

At the beginning of filming the powerful tigress had four tiny new-born cubs to care for – the future of her dynasty. 

She was faced with a relentless challenge to take care of them in their idyllic world while her surrounding habitat changed, with rival tigers seeking their own territory, and encroaching on Raj’s hunting lands.

One in particular, was her adult daughter Solo, who persistently challenged Raj Bhera in the heart of her territory. 

The fiercely protective mother tiger had to fight to retain control of the hunting grounds, even getting injured herself, while continuing to feed and protect her growing and demanding cubs. 

The entire Dynasties is available to watch on BBC iPlayer

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