Doctor admits ‘a little bit of alcohol’ could help recovering from hangovers

Doctor admits ‘a little bit of alcohol’ could help recovering from hangovers

For those suffering from a heavy head after a big night-out, one doctor has shared his perhaps surprising hangover cure.

Experts have long debated over the best methods of tackling a raging hangover.

Some suggest battling the problem at its source, offering tactics such as having a glass of water after every drink to manage dehydration while on the night-out.

Others, though, have speculated over the best remedy for a heavy head the morning after, with tips including eating food containing potassium – such as bananas – the next day.

Among these theories, there has often been speculation that continuing to drink might itself be one of the best ways of battling an alcohol-induced headache.

And now, speaking on his podcast, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki may have put the debate to rest.

The doctor acknowledged that scientifically, drinking more alcohol might be one cure, but stopped short of recommending it.

“Unfortunately, a cure(ish) is a bit of alcohol, which is a bad pathway to go down,” he said.

Explaining, Dr Karl noted that during a hangover, your body is metabolising small amounts of methanol from the alcohol that has been consumed into bad chemicals.

So, he suggested that continuing to drink will delay the body from breaking down the hangover-inducing methanol, as it is instead forced to prioritise the new alcohol coming in.

And, even as a qualified health professional, the doctor admitted that he has been known to drink so much that he ended up vomiting, so warned against using the hair of the dog as a hangover remedy too often.

“In some people, they get so much better, that they go down a pathway of becoming alcoholics,” he continued.

“A little bit of alcohol can be good, a little bit.”

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, and not on a regular basis.

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