DIY guru shares money-saving tips after turning bathroom into her dream space

DIY guru shares money-saving tips after turning bathroom into her dream space

A DIY fan has shared her incredible money-saving tips after transforming her bathroom on a budget.

Chloe Watton and her partner Aaron began producing their dream bathroom earlier this year with a vision of what they wanted.

The 24-year-old has a full-time job and does interior influencing on the side where she secured a whopping 32,500 followers.

Now speaking to Big Bathroom Shop, Chloe revealed how she achieved her transformation on a budget.

She said: "The cottage caught my eye just before it went to auction, and I was in love.

"There is something so warming about the large open hallway and it truly was a gem waiting to be polished up."

She added: "I knew this house was gasping for an extension and even though we weren't sure if it was possible, we went for it."

Her inspiration came from hotels and seeing things online, like Pinterest, which she described as her "best friend".

She took on this renovation project after claiming she's done everything so far with her partner.

Chloe revealed: "We have the time, skills and knowledge to just go for it so thought why not."

The couple easily saved around £10,000 when they designed their bathroom.

She said: "Our bathroom was quite an intricate design which included knocking walls down, re-positioning a window, building an additional shower nook, bespoke carpentry work and lots of electrical work.

"It was a back to brick renovation so would have been very expensive in labour costs."

Now to inspire others who want to save money with DIY, Chloe suggested more people should try things themselves.

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She continued: "DIY is the only way you can save a reasonable amount of money really as labour costs are incredibly high and sometimes tradesmen are unreliable because they're so busy right now, catching up with work after the pandemic.

"We aren't all fortunate enough to have great DIY skills, but there are plenty of smaller things that you can try and complete without paying for a tradesman."

She shared some tips for others too:

  • Rip your existing bathroom out yourself
  • Tiling and painting
  • Build your own shelves
  • Install your own taps

You can follow Chloe's renovation and interior journey on her Instagram page.

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