Director sparks fierce debate by praising 'entitled' intern's demands

Director sparks fierce debate by praising 'entitled'  intern's demands

Director sparks fierce debate by praising ‘entitled’ Gen Z intern who is aiming for £50k salary for ‘no more than five hours of work’ per day

  • Sameera Khan from India, said that one intern only wanted to work for 5 hours 
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A director has sparked a debate on social media after revealing their intern is looking for a £50,000-a-year salary for no more than five hours of work a day.

Sameera Khan, from Goa, India, took to X, previously called Twitter, to share a post on her experience of interviewing a Generation Z intern. 

Earlier this month, the director – who founded the app inFeedo- revealed that the anonymous intern is hoping to perfect their work-life balance early. 

On top of this, Sameera said that the individual – who is just starting out in their career – would prefer to work in a start-up as they dislike corporate culture. 

Although Sameera was impressed by the young person’s goals, other users on X felt his demands were unrealistic for the modern working world.

Sameera Khan revealed an interns very specific job requests, which included working no more than five hours and only working for a start-up business 

In the post, which gained nearly 800k views, Sameera said: ‘I was interviewing a GenZ intern today and he says he is looking for work life balance with not more than 5 hours of work.

‘Doesn’t like the MNC culture so wants to work at a start up. Also, wants 40-50k stipend.’ 

Grateful for his honesty, Sameera said: ‘God bless the future of work.’

However, his expectations for his career didn’t go down so well with other X users.

One wrote: ‘The issue is they want more pay for less work. You can have your work life balance. 

‘But like most things in life you have to sacrifice something to get what you want. This lesson seems to be lost on many people.’

Another added: ‘I hire Gen Z every quarter and they can’t take pressure at all but do expect a huge amount of money. 

‘They are creative but they are talking jobs for granted. There are many companies hiring right now but hiring will also come to a pause soon plus the freelancer GENZ are another challenge . 

The tweet, which gained nearly gained 800k views, shared the demands of the worker and Sameera’s take on the situation

‘They make a great amount of money which most jobs won’t pay they at their age but again when it comes to delivery they can’t adjust to revisions , feedback because feedback are ego hurting to them.

‘It’s like I am the best take this. Startups and companies should just put a stop to this.’

‘Looks like this ‘Zillennial’ wants money and an easy life before proving even 1 per cent of capability at work,’ another critic said. ‘For 50K, a startup can get someone hard-working, with some experience. Why would it bother with an entitled intern?’ 

However, other users took a different line of thought and respected the intern for setting their boundaries. 

One person said: ‘I love the Genz for the most part. Millennials spend too long hustling that there’s no life left.’ 

A second added: ‘Embracing new perspectives! It’s inspiring to see Gen Z prioritizing work-life balance and seeking a fulfilling environment. Wishing them the best in finding the perfect fit.’ 

Some users thought that the Gen Z intern had stepped out of line with his work requirements in the interview 

A third wrote: ‘I love that GenZ are giving importance to WLB and valuing their time, unlike us millennials. So much to learn from GenZ.’ 

Another user added: ‘I don’t understand what’s wrong with that. They have put them first. 

‘Their boundaries and priorities need to be acknowledged and understood. And fairly if you can’t hire someone for as meagre as 40-50K in an apparently tier 1 city with the cost of living so high.’ 

Sameera later shared her thoughts on the situation. She said: ‘Woah didn’t expect this tweet to blow up. I see interesting opinions. 

Other users respected the young intern and said that others should learn from his example of setting work boundaries 

‘Here’s my take: Prioritising work life balance early on is great but while looking for the first few internships one should look for learning, growth, good projects & peers. Balance gets struck eventually.’ 

She added: ‘Your first few internships should help you understand what you want from your career in terms of work.

‘Imagine having work life balance but hating the 5 hours of work you have to do or the people you have to work with. Asking these questions around that is as important. ‘ 

The interns demands are clearly specific, but the rise of relaxed roles for Generation Z workers, who were born between 1997 and 2012, has been gaining popularity, and recently the term ‘lazy girl jobs’ has been trending on TikTok. 

The new ‘anti-work’ movement led by Gen Z women is taking TikTok by storm with influencers boasting about getting paid well to do the bare minimum.

A host of young women on the social media platform have themselves coined the term ‘lazygirljobs’ – referring to menial, stress free office jobs which include doing very little and unchallenging work but for a comfortable pay – and all from the comfort of their own homes.

The #lazygirljobs hashtag has gone viral on TikTok with millions of viewers and self-proclaimed ‘lazy girls’ revealing how easy their working lives are.

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