Daily horoscope for July 10: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for July 10: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope kicks off with a series of lunar aspects that will place the focus on your relationships. The Moon is presently travelling through the sign of Cancer. Moody and emotional at times, Cancer shines through with fervent loyalty and tenacity.

The Cancer Moon will grant you safety today, provided you keep matters related to home and family close to the heart.

According to the astrologers behind Astr-Seek.com, this lunar aspect favours activities that will ground you in your home life.

Consequently, you want to start the weekend with some relaxing chores like gardening and cooking.

Your emotions may flare and fluctuate – such is the nature of Cancer.

But with this comes an opportunity to learn to forgive and forgest.

Do not dwell on the negatives in your life and find a way of moving forward.

Keep your wits about you and hold your head up high – your perceptions of the world are going to be very subjective.

Deal with this by putting a certain distance between yourself and your problems.

Take a step back from time to time and think about how you can solve your issues without being burdened with negativity.

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According to YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott, the Moon’s influence focuses on your relationships – but with a caveat.

Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are here to draw your attention away to the outside world.

You may therefore feel as though you can’t just take care of yourself and how you feel.

Even though it’s the weekend, work-related matters and household responsibilities will make themselves evident.

Mr Scott said: “Really concrete, everyday things are going to feel much more important and you naturally feel you can’t devote yourself 100 percent to one person because you have other things to do.

“So it’s easier to manage your schedule on Saturday.”

The Cancer Moon also Trines Neptune in Pisces at 120 degrees.

With this, you are very much tapped into your innermost realm.

You find it easy to connect with your dreams and your passions – even as far as manifesting them.

According to Mr Scott, it is important to dream this weekend and if you’re going to dream, dream big.

He said: “It’s important to give yourself that time and space to say, ‘Oh isn’t this wonderful? If this were to happen to me wouldn’t that be great?’

“Because you can actually then get concrete guidance on what steps you can take to make that thing real.”

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