Cyclist Punches 60-Year-Old Woman in Face in Front of Four NY Firefighters, Doesn't Get Very Far

Cyclist Punches 60-Year-Old Woman in Face in Front of Four NY Firefighters, Doesn't Get Very Far

They don’t just fight fires, you know.

An opportunist picked an inopportune time to punch a woman in the face — right in front of four NY firefighters.

Shocking video shot on August 26 — but going viral now — shows a man on a bicycle cycling up to a 60-year-old woman on a Brooklyn pavement and flooring her with a blow to the head in an apparent random attack, before cycling away scot-free… or so he thought.

The incredible clip shows there were actually four witnesses to the attack: FDNY firefighters, who immediately burst out of a firehouse and set off sprinting after the attacker on foot.

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A second CCTV vantage point around the corner shows the cyclist suffering a fateful split-second stumble on his bike, which is all the firefighters need to catch up with him.

He attempts to speed away but it is too late; the four are upon him, dragging him off the bike and tackling him to the ground, where he is restrained until police arrive to take him away.

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NYPD later identified the suspect as 53-year-old Daniel Biggs, CBS2 reported.

According to police, he has 18 prior arrests, the most recent coming on August 2 when he allegedly slashed a 26-year-old man across the face.

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Officers said that while he was being restrained by the firefighters, he punched one of them in the eye, causing bruising and swelling.

The 60-year-old victim said she did not know her attacker, and the assault appears to be random.

She suffered a cut mouth, but refused medical attention at the scene.

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