Couple’s steamy naked engagement photoshoot makes the internet hungry

Couple’s steamy naked engagement photoshoot makes the internet hungry

They’re keeping things saucy.

For their engagement photo shoot, these lovebirds got completely naked — save for some tiny, strategically placed pizza slices.

Jozmen and Felicia Robinson’s sexy strip-down took place about two weeks before they wed in Cancun, Mexico, this past September — when their bodies were at their most camera-ready.

“I thought, ‘We’re going to get in the best shape of our lives, so let’s get this picture,’ ” Jozmen, 32, tells The Post.

That said, the Nashville, Tenn., personal trainers are pretty much always down to walk around in the buff.

“We’re both just very naked people,” says Felicia, 32. “If you see him at the pool, he’s wearing the shortest shorts, and I’m wearing the smallest bathing suit.”

“I’ve been pretty naked for my whole life,” says Jozmen, who also works as a firefighter and often incorporates his uniform into calendar-ready photo shoots elsewhere on his Instagram. “When my mom saw it, she wasn’t very surprised.”

They won the hearts of the internet after Jozmen’s famous cousin, writer Saeed Jones shared the pics on Twitter, to much adoration.

So, why the cheesy coverings?

“My favorite food is pizza,” says Felicia, who often wears a sterling silver pizza necklace when she’s more clothed. “My whole life I’ve been obsessed. If anyone asks what’s for dinner, they can skip me, because I’m just gonna say ‘pizza.’ ”

It also holds a special place in their hearts. When Jozmen proposed to Felicia last year, he surprised her with a whole pie with the words “marry me” written in toppings.

But make no mistake, neither ate the pizza — DiGiorno, if you must know — at the shoot.

The personal trainers, who typically follow the diet plan they devised for clients, gave up carbs, sugar, dairy and alcohol on and off in the year leading up to the ceremony. They also worked out up to six times a week — sometimes twice a day, in Jozmen’s case.

They enlisted the help of photographer Andrew Daley, who also shot the Robinsons for their 30th birthdays. Those, by the way, were also sexy: Felicia’s was an artful nude series, while Jozmen’s was in his skivvies.

The couple was happy to share the R-rated pictures with friends and family because they felt it highlighted their sense of humor — and their one true love, besides one another.

“I don’t know why more people don’t wear pizza,” says Felicia.

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