Couple’s Christmas feast ‘ruined’ after buying stamps from butchers all year

Couple’s Christmas feast ‘ruined’ after buying stamps from butchers all year

A couple who bought £80 worth of stamps for their Christmas dinner – only to have them refused near the last minute – say they now can’t afford a feast on the big day.

Peter and Jean Fowler’s Christmas dinner was thrown into turmoil after their local Crawshaws refused to accept their stamps.

The couple, from Bransholme, Hull, had saved up for months to treat themselves to a turkey, beef, ham and pork over the festive period.

They’ve been told that they won’t receive a refund until the new year, and they say they’ve been forced to borrow money to pay for their Christmas food, Hull Live reports.

The Fowlers had planned to use their stamps at Crawshaws’ branch in North Point shopping centre.

Mrs Fowler, 62, said: “I have been buying these stamps since January to pay for all the meat this Christmas, and now I’m being told I can’t use them.

“I’m on oxygen at the moment and my husband is out of work, so money is very tight for us and we were relying on these stamps.

"Now we’re being told we won’t be getting a refund until after January.”

Crawshaws, which has shops around the country, went into administration earlier this year.

However, the Hull stores were saved from closure after another firm bought them out at the last minute.

Mr Fowler, 60, said: “We’re going to have to borrow the money now to pay for our Christmas meat, but I’m not speaking out just for us.

“I can’t help but think about the families out there who are relying on these stamps to feed their children over Christmas, and they might not even know yet they can’t use them.”

Mr and Mrs Fowler were told to send their stamps to the Crawshaw office in order to qualify for a refund, which they were told would take just days.

However, they say they have since been told the refund won’t be in their bank accounts until January.

Mrs Fowler said: “I photocopied my stamp book and sent it through the post office on recorded delivery.

“I did it after seeing a note in the door of the shop saying they would no longer be accepting the stamps and gave us a number to contact.

“I appreciate we will be getting a refund but the end of January is just too late.

"We have been saving this money to use for Christmas, and now we have nothing.”

Crawshaws have confirmed the stamps can no longer be redeemed, but customers can claim for a refund by emailing [email protected]

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