Colton Is Channeling The ’40 Year-Old Virgin’ In The New ‘Bachelor’ Promo & It’s A Choice

Colton Is Channeling The ’40 Year-Old Virgin’ In The New ‘Bachelor’ Promo & It’s A Choice

The newest poster for the upcoming Bachelor season, returning January 7, has the latest Bachelor Colton Underwood channeling The 40-Year-Old Virgin. In fact, this poster for The Bachelor, which yes, is definitely official (and not fan-made), looks exactly like the one for The 40-Year-Old Virgin, right down to that blinding grin and striped polo. Seriously, Steve Carell should be proud at Underwood’s level of commitment.

While some on Twitter might question The Bachelor‘s focus on Underwood’s virginity in its latest ads, the Bachelor seems fine with poking a little fun at himself.

On Monday, December 3, Underwood shared The 40-Year-Old Virgin spoof with a question for that movie’s director. "Hey @JuddApatow does this mean I have to wax my chest now?" Underwood, who competed for Becca Kufrin’s love in the most recent season of the Bachelorette, wrote before roasting himself. "@SteveCarell did it better."

Soon after, Judd Apatow was calling Underwood out for his comments. "You know you already did," he joked on Twitter. "I am the one that needs to. I just don’t know how to figure it." Some advice Judd, don’t ask for the "man-o-lantern," it’s not really a good look for anyone. Later on Instagram, Apatow joked that The Bachelor promo "looks really familiar," but "I don’t remember Steve having pecs."

Bachelor Nation also got a kick out of the show’s teaser with former Season 22 Bachelor contestant Caroline Lunny tweeting, "I’d pay money to any charity of your choosing, to have Kelly Clarkson herself, wax your chest."

Another fan named @captainivan tweeted, "Colton I feel bad cause I’m sure you’re soooo over the talk about it, but THIS… this is clever."

No one would blame Underwood for being a little tired of all the virginity talk. In the run up to the show’s premiere, ABC has been using Underwood’s virginity as a selling point. This season’s tagline is, if you can believe it: "What does he have to lose?"

The thing is, hinging this season on Underwood’s virginity and whether he may lose it or not feels like an insensitive joke. Underwood’s choice to stay abstinent shouldn’t be played for laughs, and it’s why some fans didn’t love the 40-Year-Old Virgin promo. "Oh my God….this has gone too far," a fan named @mhbeno tweeted. "Colton- WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN???? So much smdh."

And fans aren’t the only ones who want the show to move past Underwood’s virginity. Earlier this month, Bachelor host Chris Harrison told Us Weekly, “What I’m really excited about, honestly, obviously, much has been made about his virginity. I’m excited for Colton, for me, for the show, for fans to get beyond the cocktail joke of it all."

And Underwood himself seems far more interested in gaining a fiancée than losing his virginity. When it was announced that Underwood was the new Bachelor, he talked about what he wanted from the season and it was for it to end with a proposal. "That’s what I’m looking forward to the most," he said. "Being engaged."

Whether Underwood wants his virginity to be the focus of this season or not, it seems ABC is happy to use it to advertise his time in the mansion. Like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, though, let’s hope this season of The Bachelor is less about Underwood losing his virginity and more about finding love.

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