CNN Reporter Fends Off Raccoon Moments Before Live Shot: 'No Animals Were Harmed'

CNN Reporter Fends Off Raccoon Moments Before Live Shot: 'No Animals Were Harmed'

A CNN reporter fended off a raccoon just moments before going live to deliver the news.

Joe Johns, a senior White House correspondent for CNN, maintained his composure despite being suddenly interrupted by one of the mammals.

Referring to the incident — footage of which some of his colleagues shared online — on Twitter, Johns assured people that "no animals were harmed" as he shooed the raccoon away.

"So it’s the 2d time in two weeks a raccoon has shown up shortly after the @NewDay open," Johns said. "I think they’re attracted to the lights. No animals were harmed. I threw something to scare it off. #CrazyOuttakes"

New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota shared video of the moment on Twitter, writing, "This is what a consummate professional @joejohnscnn is. Seconds before his @NewDay live shot, he fends off a raccoon attack! Just another day in the nutty news cycle. #behindthescenes #whitehouseraccoon #wildlife"

In the footage, Johns looks behind his shoulder after it appears someone off-camera pointed out the raccoon to him. The journalist then shouts at the raccoon to get it to leave the area before throwing something in its direction.

The animal scampered off just in time for the reporter to turn around and begin his live shot.

Johns told CNN Wednesday that it's not the first time an animal has joined his newscast. Last week, the same raccoon shortly before his live shot for New Day.

"What would you do? I freaked out," Johns said. "This was 20 sec before air and I start yelling at it, 'Get out of here!'"

"So, this is the second time the raccoon has come back at the top of New Day," Johns said. "Who knows why, but I think it's the light that attracts the animals, and you add to that — the fact that White House campus is now barren of people… and the animals have run of the house."

"The magic of television, and no one had a clue," Johns added.

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