Cleaning expert makes dishwasher tablets for 1p each using an ice cube tray

Cleaning expert makes dishwasher tablets for 1p each using an ice cube tray

A dishwasher is a lifesaver for cleaning up but it can be costly to run.

One cleaning expert has come up with a way to make her own dishwasher tablets, costing just 1p each.

With brands available in the supermarket costing around 8p-14p or even more, it’s quite a saving per tablet and could quickly build up.

The woman, who posts as on Instagram, explained she uses baking soda, citric acid and washing up liquid to make her homemade tablets.

She started by putting one cup of bicarbonate of soda and a quarter cup of citric acid (available in cleaning aisles) in a bowl and mixing it together.

She then added one tablespoon of washing up liquid to the mix and stirred it in.

Once it’s well combined, she pressed the mixture into the silicone ice cube moulds.

Mrs D advises that it takes at least four hours for the tablets to set but leaving them overnight is best, so you will need to make the tablets up in advance before you use your last one.

When the tablets are set, she just pops them out of the mould and stores them in an airtight jar.

Others loved the idea and said they would give it a go.

One person commented: ‘How amazing is this. Will definitely be trying this.’

Another added: ‘Such a fab tip.’

While great for the pocket, it also means you can use less packaging and one person said they make a version that is even more eco friendly.

She said: ‘Love this idea. If you want to be more eco friendly you could use castille soap instead of normal washing up liquid and essential oils.’

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