Christmas gifts that make it look like you've put loads of thought into them

Christmas gifts that make it look like you've put loads of thought into them

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Christmas is on our doorstep and you might be scratching your head on what to get everyone.

With online shopping and Black Friday sales, it’s hard to know what to get people you love without taking the fun out of it by simply asking them or succumbing to vouchers for their favourite shop.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Needs must sometimes. But what if you decided on something a bit more meaningful this year? 

What if you actually did something with the thousands of pictures sitting in your camera roll? 

With CEWE you can create personalised gifts – from photo books to jigsaws – for your favourite person and make Christmas that bit more special and they will love that you put a little thought into it. Who wouldn’t?

Whether it’s pictures of you together or even their beloved pet (always a winner), you can select the best pictures and give them something to cherish. Not only that, it’s super easy to do, all you have to do is pick the photos you want to use and then drag and drop.

Here’s a few ideas to make Christmas special this year:

XL Square Photo Book

Creating a XL Square photo book is a great way to tell a story of friendship, family or adventure. It’s got a hardcover so feels like it’s great quality too. One to be kept out.

With features to include video through a QR code, maps based on photo meta data, text to tell a story or add captions and clip art to create fun quirky designs, there’s no limit to the story you can tell. 

More about the XL Photo Book.

Personalised Jigsaws

This is a favourite past time that’s reimagined to feature your favourite image, or make it harder with a collage.

You can pick from small, medium or large size depending on who it’s for.

More about the jigsaw puzzles.


Who doesn’t love a calendar? With each passing month you can have a different picture of someone you love. This beats some random scenery as it’s handpicked for your favourite person.

Wall calendars range from small A5 to large A2 and everything in-between.

More about wall calendars.

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