Christmas dinner key ingredients come from as far away as Chile

Christmas dinner key ingredients come from as far away as Chile

Hopes of a traditional British roast at Christmas look stuffed after it emerged key ingredients come from as far away as Chile.

A Sunday Mirror probe has found UK supermarkets import many festive favourites from around the globe.

Lidl’s frozen turkeys come from Canada, Poland and France, while its goose is shipped in from Hungary.

Iceland’s turkey breast joint with bacon is produced and packed in Poland, while its frozen pigs in blankets are made with EU pork. And like the Lidl goose, its stuffed duck is from Hungary.

Asda’s roasting beef is imported from Ireland and its gammon joint from Denmark – while Morrisons is made from EU pork.

Sainsbury’s Maris Piper potatoes are grown in Israel, while Tesco’s Lakeland goose comes from… you guessed it… Hungary.

Ocean Spray’s cranberry sauce is made of berries grown in Canada, Chile and the US.

Then there is Lidl’s beechwood smoked salmon – a typical Christmas day starter – which comes from Germany.

The National Farmers’ Union has urged shoppers to pledge their support to British produce.

A spokesman said: “We are encouraging shoppers to support our farmers and back British farming. “One of the easiest ways to achieve this is buying produce displaying the Red Tractor logo, which also provides a guarantee of traceability, environmental protection, food safety and hygiene and welfare standards.”

And Morrisons seems to be doing its bit with fresh vegetables at least. They are all sourced from the UK.

However, the supermarket’s frozen Brussels sprouts come from – you guessed it – Belgium.

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