Chris Brown Planning To ‘Lay Low’ After Paris Rape Accusation: Why He Wants To Stay ‘Out Of The Limelight’

Chris Brown Planning To ‘Lay Low’ After Paris Rape Accusation: Why He Wants To Stay ‘Out Of The Limelight’

After getting accused of rape in Paris, Chris Brown is back home in L.A. and intends to quietly chill out and remain out of the news. We’ve got details on what he’s going to do while lying low.

2019 started out so well for Chris Brown. He dropped a banger new single “Undecided” then headed over to Paris for Men’s Fashion Week. Unfortunately while there, a woman accused him of violently raping her at his hotel. Parisian police questioned the 29-year-old singer on Jan. 22 and let him go without any charges, and now that Chris is back home in LA he wants to stay under the radar for the time being. “Chris is preparing to lay low for a little bit. He is still going to live his life and work on music and videos and do what is needed for his day job but he isn’t going to be out and about and gloat about anything. He thinks the best attention right now is no attention at all,” a source close to Breezy tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He wants to deal with all the legal situations and keep all that out of the limelight as much as possible. He wants to move on from the horror of the last few weeks because he deems everything that has been going on as a situation that no one should deal with and that it has been him being grossly and falsely accused,” the insider continues

Chris has vehemently denied the allegations of a woman who under the pseudonym “Karima.” She told the French magazine Closer that the alleged rape after she claimed to have went clubbing with Chris and his crew was “brutal and violent.”  CB responded in a way only he could, posting on Instagram that “The bitch lying.” His legal team has since pursued a civil and criminal case against her for defamation.

“He is all about not being in the news for the time being. It will be the best for everyone in his eyes, he wants everything to wash away and get to a place where everyone knows the truth and everyone can move on,” our source adds. Breezy detailed in an Instagram post after he was questioned and released that there was absolute no truth behind Karima’s claims. “FALSE AND A WHOLE LOT OF CAP! …FOR MY DAUGHTER AND MY FAMILY THIS IS SO DISPRESPECTFUL(sic) AND IS AGAINST MY CHARACTER AND MORALS!!!!!” he wrote opposite the graphic that called the woman a liar. Chris is the father to four-year-old daughter Royalty to such a claim of sexual violence against a woman really got under his skin.

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