Chris Brown ‘Elated’ To Be Back In The U.S. & Closer To Daughter Royalty After Paris Arrest

Chris Brown ‘Elated’ To Be Back In The U.S. & Closer To Daughter Royalty After Paris Arrest

Chris Brown missed his 4-year-old daughter Royalty so much when he was dealing with the shocking rape allegations against him in Paris & now that he’s back in L.A., he feels lucky to be home!

Chris Brown, 29, is absolutely thrilled about finally being out of Paris and back in the U.S. after he was arrested and questioned over shocking rape claims against him last week, and one of the main reasons is because he gets to see his four-year-old daughter, Royalty, in Los Angeles. “Chris is elated to be back home in the states,” a source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It felt so good for him to land back in L.A. and be closer to Royalty as she’s been here in L.A. with her mom while he’s been traveling.”

Although the grateful father is happy to be back to his daughter and away from the scene involved in the accusations, he’s not ready to let it all go just yet. Shortly before his return to American soil, Chris officially filed a defamation case against the 24-year-old woman who accused him of rape. The “Forever” crooner was released just hours after his arrest with no charges but he still seems to want to clear his name, and a lot of the reasoning all comes back to Royalty. Chris wants to be the best role model he can be for her and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure knows he’s a good person.

“Royalty has really changed Chris for the better and the thought of her not viewing him as a positive role model upsets him,” the source continued. “Chris is so obsessed with Royalty and being a father. He would do anything for that little girl. He is a great father and being home and spending time with Royalty makes him happiest.”

The talented artist also wants to make sure he’s good in the eyes of his fans and those who care about him most, and he’s not willing to let the Paris accuser or anyone else stop that from happening. “Chris feels he has worked really hard to change the way that people view him and it’s really upsetting and disappointing to him that this is happening yet again, especially because he knows he did nothing wrong,” the source explained. “Because of the past, he naturally feels targeted and that’s frustrating for him. Those close to Chris all say he’s such a nice, kind, hard working guy at the core with a big heart who just made a big mistake several years ago.”

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