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Cheap Gucci Trainers | The Sun UK

GUCCI is one of the most popular brands about at the moment, and their famous bee trainers are one of the most coveted fashion must-haves this season.

However, at £445 a pop, they don't come cheap.

So if you're looking for a way to get your hands on a pair, and for a little less than usual then we have good news for you.

We've put together the ultimate guide to where to get your hands on Gucci trainers for less, and some high street lookalikes that will have you instantly reaching for your purse.

The trainers have been so popular that they have even inspired a Poundland lookalike. The shoes cost just £9, a huge £436 less than Gucci's iconic pair.

However the Poundland version features black and red stripes instead of green and are only available in store, so you won't find them online.

1. Ace embroidered sneaker

Let's be honest, at £445 these shoes aren't cheap. Gucci's classic sneaker features a classic gold embroidered bee on green and red side detail, and a red and green snake detail on the back of each shoe.

If you want the real thing, these are the ones to go for.

  • Ace embroidered sneaker, £445, Gucci – buy here

2.Jayden White Bee Stripe Trainers

You'll be seeing double with these Missy Empire trainers, but there's one big difference – the price. Even the green and red ankle detailing are the same.

The Gucci trainers will set you back £445, but these ones are a tiny £25.

  • Jayden White Bee Stripe Trainers, £25, Missy Empire – buy here

3.White wasp embroidered trainers

So this one is only available for men, or for women with larger feet but if you don't mind,  you can bag yourself a pair of near identical trainers.

This River Island pair features a textured faux leather fabric upper, contrast back heel patch, and wasp embroidery.

  • White wasp embroidered trainers, £28, River Island – buy here

4. Stan Smith Originals

It's a bit of stretch, but these classic Adidas trainers are a similar style to the legendary Gucci pair – if you're not bothered by the lack of flying insects.

A solid staple in the trainer world, these sneakers will last you ages.

  • Stan Smith Originals, £74.95, Adidas – buy here

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