Celebrity wardrobe experts the Style Sisters share their space optimising tips

Celebrity wardrobe experts the Style Sisters share their space optimising tips

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With the recent pandemic we’ve spent more time at home leaving us feeling inspired by images of colour-coordinated wardrobes and organised accessories on display like you would see in a boutique shop.

Leading the way with dramatic makeovers are the Style Sisters – Gemma Lilly and Charlotte Reddington.

The pair are in hot demand from celebrity clients such as Rita Ora, Amanda Holden, Rochelle and Marvin Humes and Stacey Solomon all requesting them to revamp their wardrobes into organised bliss.

If you’re like us, we are always on the hunt for tips and tricks to help us get more space in our wardrobe. The home experts have spilled the tea and shared their must have essentials to help optimise as much wardrobe space and have a chic wardrobe just like their celebrity clients.

The Style Sisters' wardrobe essentials

The slimline hanger

Pack of 50 hangers, Amazon, £19.89 here

Not only will it look super stylish having the same coloured hangers in your wardrobe, but they will save rail space so you can have double the amount of clothing. Now you have the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree!

Stylist tip – you can buy separate velvet clips to add to the slimline hangers, so you can get rid of your bulky plastic clip hangers so they don’t take up too much space on the rail!

Draw dividers

iDesign drawer divider, Amazon, £14.49 here

Don’t you hate it when you neatly fold your clothes into sections in your chest of drawers, but it overlaps or looks messy? These extendable drawer dividers will keep everything in its place while look neat.

Storage boxes

Set of six Skubb boxes, IKEA, £5 here

With six different sized boxes in a pack they are great value for money, plus they help organise and categorise items in your wardrobe or ever around your house! What’s not to love?

Shelf dividers

iDesign shelf divider, John Lewis, £10 here

These dividers are handy to separate different items on a shelf, so you can get much more space, plus they can also be used in between your bags to keep them straight and lined up.

The clothes folder

Clothes folder, Amazon, £11.99 here

There is nothing we hate more than folding your washing and putting them away! Why not get this nifty gadget that will not only save you time but give you the perfect fold that you would get in a shop!

Sunglasses storage

iDesign storage chest, John Lewis, £17.99 here

If you’re like us and keep your sunglasses tucked away in our wardrobe in their protective cases, why not have them nicely presented together.

Also with these stackable boxes you can layer on top of each other, so you can get more in a tiny space!

So next time you pluck up the courage to take on the dreaded wardrobe clear out, make it fun by including some of these smart and nifty hacks

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