Cardi B And Offset Face Growing Accusations That Their Viral Split Is Just A Publicity Stunt

Cardi B And Offset Face Growing Accusations That Their Viral Split Is Just A Publicity Stunt

As the split between Cardi B and Offset grows more volatile — and their behavior more outrageous — the allegations that the entire break-up may be a publicity stunt have increased as well.

Earlier this month, Cardi B announced on Instagram that she would be divorcing her husband, who had been caught up in some very public cheating scandals. In the nearly two weeks that have followed, the two have been very public in their relationship back-and-forth, with the latest stunt coming as Offset crashed his estranged wife’s concert with a public plea to take her back. But many aren’t so sure that the entire split is on the up and up.

The timing of Offset and Cardi B’s split has been questioned, as it comes just before Offset is set to release his first solo album. The accusations have grown so rampant that Cardi B has even responded, with Celebrity Insider noting that she said “divorce is not a publicity stunt.”

Not everyone is so convinced. Many fans have taken to social media to claim that the couple’s very public behavior seems more geared at getting — and keeping — the public’s attention.

As TMZ noted, Cardi B is using the couple’s impending divorce as fodder for her lyrics, adding a reference to it in some recent performances. In her song “Motorsport,” Cardi B changed a lyric that originally referred to an alleged sex tape to one about divorce.

“I get up set off. I turn Offset on. I told him the other day, yeah, we gon’ get a divorce!” she rapped at a recent show.

This would not be the first time that a music super couple was accused of stirring up relationship drama in order to gain attention. Back in 2014, just before they embarked on a joint summer tour, Jay Z and Beyonce were caught up in a series of relationship scandals that included a fight between Jay Z and Solange Knowles after the Met Gala and multiple accusations that Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce.

The drama followed the couple throughout the tour, prompting some to accuse them of purposely setting up the tensions in order to draw attention to the tour. And the relationship tension ended as quickly as it started as soon as the tour was done, with the couple renewing their vows in a ceremony in Italy the following week.

For their part, both Cardi B and Offset continue to deny that their split is really a publicity stunt.

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